Moving Forward: AI Opens Up New Horizons for Data Visualization

Mara Pometti
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6 min readJan 3, 2020

Data Viz-driven AI Strategy: Vision of the long term road map.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming the Holy Grail of the business world and companies big and small should embrace it to avoid falling behind in this competitive age ruled by tremendous technological changes. AI presents an opportunity for industries to rethink how they use data in a way that can transform and innovate their work.

As a member of the IBM Data Science and AI Elite team, I confronted the question of how to help stakeholders who don’t have any technical knowledge of data science to envision the business opportunities that lie in their data and that can be addressed by utilizing AI. Working side by side with clients in my position as data visualization specialist led me to do research on my clients’ real business, experiment with new ideas, as well as question the purpose of my skills — which range from data design to data journalism to design thinking.

Through that, I discovered that there are many exciting opportunities to innovate the ways we use data visualization buried at the core of AI to help companies innovate and succeed against their competitors. That’s why, along the way, I ideated a new position for myself as an AI Content Strategist.

In order to fully exploit the capabilities of AI we should always connect it to a human conversation. To improve the human experience, AI can be used as a new technique towards providing solutions to our problem. But AI is not the answer to our problems alone. Especially when dealing with companies that are fairly new to AI it’s essential to help them understand what are the concrete benefits they can obtain from it, and data visualization is the best language to communicate that.

That’s why it is highly important to appropriately design and render the information generated by the AI solution. By visually presenting the strategy that a company might adopt, we can lead it to climb the very first rung of what Rob Thomas, IBM General Manager for Data and Watson AI, has named the AI ladder, which is a four-step process that guides companies to eventually infuse AI into their business.

It is extremely important to keep improving and innovating the ways we communicate information produced by AI. Evidence of this could be the complete freedom I have been given…

Mara Pometti

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