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Outlier — Apply to Speak!

Outlier Online is an upcoming conference hosted by the Data Visualization Society, to be held on February 4th & 5th, 2021. We invite you to fill out this speaker application form if you’d like to give a talk or hold a workshop at the conference. Speaking at Outlier is a great way to build out your network, show off your skills to potential clients and collaborators, and help the next generation of data visualization professionals by sharing your knowledge.

We’re aiming to recruit as diverse a range of speakers as we can. Diversity can mean diversity of race, gender, geographic location, tooling, background/focus, visibility, and seniority, to name a few. This leads to what we feel is extremely important — the diversity of perspective. The conference aims to reflect and celebrate the global visualization community by supporting speakers from around the globe, spanning across all time zones, and supporting talks given in multiple languages.

Never given a talk before? No problem! Do you feel too junior to apply? You have a unique perspective to share! Do you want to give a talk in your first language (that might not be English)? Fine with us! In fact, we strongly encourage you to apply.


The deadline for talk and workshop submissions is December 1st, 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your applications. Apply here. Good luck!

Got your application in already? Here’s how you can continue to help:

Help us Spread the Word

In an attempt to get a diverse lineup of speakers, we are collating a list of organizations to which we could reach out and advertise the call to speakers. Here is a list of organizations that we’ve flagged as groups to reach out to. Who are we missing? Add it to the list! And if you have a contact there, reach out to us and let us know.

Also, you could re-tweet!

Translate this article!

We’re serious about our attempt to make speaking at Outlier as accessible as possible. Therefore, we’d love it if you would be willing to translate this article into other languages you speak. To do this, simply translate this text and send it to this email address with “Article translation” in the subject line. We will post them and add them to this article! (Alternatively, you could opt to post the translated article on your medium account and then send us the link.)

Translated Articles:

Thanks for all your help! :D

Thanks to the events committee: Duncan Geere, Nadieh Bremer, and Maxene Graze.



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