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Visualizing Small Victories

Stickers celebrate wins large and small. Awarding stickers to kids in the classroom is so common that “you get a gold star” has become an expression of approval for a job well done. / Girl: César Rincón (license)

A numbers game

John Rutter (license)
Stickers on Ohio State helmets visualize performance on the field. / Penn State (license)
David Zellaby (license)
Dewolf Family (license)

Location adds meaning

Lee Cannon (license)
Bob Doran (license)

Group efforts

This Israeli Air Force fighter jet displays markings for shooting down seven enemy jets (the half target represents a joint interception) and bombing a nuclear reactor. / Zachi Evenor (license)
Top: NASA/Victor Zelentsov (1 & 2); NASA/Alexander Vysotsky (3) (license); Bottom: Andrey Shelepin/Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (license)



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