Free evil business plans for getting rich without going through the hassle of founding a sect

Many people won’t know this about me. I am a professional magician as well. A brace of weeks ago an apparent monk approached me on the street and asked me if I would have a minute. What followed then was a fairly standard Mentalism effect which was beautifully performed.

by Niklaus Gerber
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The basic plot itself was also fairly simple. He scribbled down some words and numbers on a small piece of paper, rolled it up in a ball and gave it to me. He demanded to put it in my fist and to hold on tightly.

Then he started to ask me a couple of questions. He wanted to know what my lucky number is. I answered 1983. He was curious what the name of my wife is, how many siblings I have and what I want for my future.

He wrote down all my answers on another sheet of paper in plain view. Once he had all the details he started to give me a rather lengthy reading about my personality and what the future holds for me. I wasn’t that impressed, but then he took his effect to the next level. He explained to me, that he learned secret skills from his guru and that he knew everything he asked me already beforehand. He asked me to open my hand and immediately took the crumpled up piece of paper from me.

He slowly unfolded it and believe it or not. Written there was all the information I have given him beforehand. For a layman, this is one hell of an effect. I was startled because I have not seen him switching out the piece of paper. I know which technique he used, but I was unable to detect it.

Of course the final phase of his effect was to give him some money and handing him back the piece of paper which destroyed all track back how he could have pulled it off.

Back at the office this made me think. Performing good magic effect without any premises of trickery, magical skill or supernatural talent will catch anyone off guard. Doing such an effect will convince many people that they witnessed something truly amazing. The monk skipped any explanation why or how he did it which makes the whole plot even more intriguing. So why not scale this idea to a whole new level.

All you need to do is to follow these 6 steps for your next evil business plan.

  1. First of all you will need to learn the art of Mentalism. This won't be an easy road to walk down, but I am sure you would be able to master the needed skills in no time if you have what it takes to be a successful scam artist. Corindas Thirteen (13) Steps to Mentalism and Theodore Annemanns Practical Mental Magic will provide you all the tools you need.
  2. Design a set of 5 unique effects people could perform on the street and break it down into an easy to learn program.
  3. Recruit a team which will be your gurus to send out to the street.
  4. Make sure they can perform the 5 effects effortless and with complete confidence in any situation.
  5. Send out your scam artists in the world and let the collect the money.
  6. Build some kind of Pyramid scheme to multiply your business model.
  7. Optional: Send me 5% of your total revenue. Just a thought there.
There you go. Your free evil business plan. Let me know how it works out.

Niklaus Gerber is the Product Manager Apps @NZZ, problem solver & digital architect seeking to make the complex clear & beautiful.

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