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The Logo Change

Awhile back, I discovered a non-profit called Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours (GHT). They participate in various forms of service from teaching children English to releasing baby sea turtles to the sea. They also save plenty of time for fun. I love what they do, but I felt like they could use some help in a couple of areas. For a school project, I planned to redesign its website and logo. Today, I’ll only be covering the creation of the new logo. Here’s what their logo currently looks like:

Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours Logo

Some of my first impressions were that the plane and the location pin seem to fight for attention and even though the word “Guatemalan” is in color, it’s not enough to express much emotion. Also, the logo is not transparent making it look unprofessional when placed on something with a different background color than white. With all this in mind, I decided to make them a new logo.

My goal was to make it more aesthetically pleasing by giving the logo a totally different design, use more color, and of course, make it transparent. In the end, it’ll have a fun, friendly, and professional feel.

I started with some research on Guatemala. I was looking for things that the country was known for to incorporate in the design. Some of the things I found were volcanoes, beaches, Mayan temples, avocados, and crazy bus rides. GHT will typically take their tours on some fun activities involving horseback riding up a volcano, exploring Mayan ruins, and spending time at the beach. With that in mind, I started sketching different ideas. Here are some of them:

As I mentioned, I wanted the logo to have a fun feel to it while also accurately portraying a tourism company, so I narrowed it down between these two:

I felt that the design on the left better expressed a fun humanitarian tour company in Guatemala with the mountains, palm trees, and the plane flying over the top of it. I took these designs to about a dozen people to solidify my decision and over 75% chose the left as well.

GHT’s current website is all over the place with different fonts, and they really only use two colors that are different shades of blue. It’s a little bland, so for the logo, I followed the colors from a mood board that I made for my redesign of their website. Here it is:

Mood Board

GHT is a professional business that does a lot of good while also having a lot of fun. The images and colors that were selected are meant to express this. Yellow brings off a warm, friendly, and exciting feel that people want when going on a trip. Blue is cool and professional while also being the same color as the Guatemalan flag and the ocean. Aquamarine strengthens the oceanic, beach vibe that yellow and blue express when putting them together.

With all of this in mind, it led me to create this:

I did have a few ideas that came to me as I was designing this and thinking of all of the information that I had gathered. GHT does a lot of work with children, so adding more color to the word “Guatemalan” was a way for me to relate to some of the humanitarian work they do. This idea was sparked by the original logo because they do a similar thing with the word “Guatemalan”. I also made the trees smaller than the drawing because they were too overbearing.

I made a few variations for the brand as well:


Variations for the brand are important. Your logo is going to go anywhere your business goes. It’s on your website, social media, business cards, stickers, apparel, and more. One logo won’t work for every situation. Sure, you’re going to use the primary for most things but not everything. The primary logo won’t look the best as your company’s Instagram profile picture, neither will the wide one. In that case, there are two other types that you can turn to. The wide one might look better on a business card than any of the others and the solid aquamarine ones can easily lay over images.

Once I finished the logo design, I emailed GHT and offered them the logo and its variations. They loved them and will soon be using them in place of their original logo. The owner, Tobie Spears, posted the original logo and my design to her Facebook page. She received more than 30 comments the last time I saw it, and all of them were in favor of the new logo.

Nikolas Sprunt is a student at Utah Valley University, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to DGM1230 taught by Professor Hatch and representative of the skills learned.



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