Heyyyy guys!!!! I’m back with another cool look of THE WHITE SHIRT SERIES, which is called the trendsetter which actually means its in trend or in lead in fashion. Without much delay lets have a look!

In the first place I’ve worn a white shirt which is being again paired up with a short mustard colour skirt, you can wear the shirt in different style as you want it to look like!

Like I’ve tucked only the front side of the shirt to get a stylish look. You can tuck the whole shirt if you want, no matter what the white shirt always look classy in anyway.

For the accessories part, I’ve worn a black tight choker and a normal golden colour butterfly chain. You can add up something else too to get the edgy look. Then again how to forget the sunglasses here!
I’ve tried both with and without the sunglasses here and trust me you guys both the looks are fab! You can add up things as you like it and make it more stylish according to your style.

Completing the look with my fav brown wedges and it goes so well as a colour combination. This look is one of my fav and let me know how you’ll like it.

Enjoy the pictures! ❤