House of Representatives Repeal Internet Privacy Law

By Kevin Moody

Source: Getty

Privacy is not what it used to be. There once was a time when the only means of spying was to peek through your neighbor’s window. In the wake of digital integration, people have centered their lives around their tech-based devices, and in turn, stored some of their most personal information in a very vulnerable place. Last week, our House of Representatives voted to repeal a law implemented by President Obama and eliminate consumer data protections. This would enable internet service providers full control over consumers’ data. Which means your internet search history will potentially be sold to the highest bidder.

Since the announcement, this has sparked nationwide controversy over what is and isn’t acceptable when dealing with our online privacy. The rules Obama put in place would have required these internet service providers, or ISP’s, to confirm permission from customers before doing what they please with their information.

In addition to the backlash received from consumers, Charles Schumer and 45 other Senate Democrats have signed a letter urging Trump to veto the bill. “If President Trump clicks his pen and signs this resolution, consumers will be stripped of critical privacy protections in a New York Minute,” said Schumer. Regardless of the criticism over this news, the Republican effort has stood their ground and President Trump is fully expected to sign the bill in the coming week.

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