School Shootings: Still?

By Kevin Moody

On the 28th of last month, 18 year-old Nichole Cevario of Thurmont, Marlyand was detained from her classroom. Her parents brought the police forward to confirm their suspicions: Cevario was planning an attack on her high school. Officials discovered Cevario’s journal was riddled with detailed plans for the assault, including a list of destructive materials as well as the school’s emergency procedures. Among their findings were a shotgun, bomb-making substances and ammunition. Investigators came to the conclusion that Cevario was working alone and wasn’t involved with anyone else.

With so much attention today devoted to gun control and maintaining mental health, why are these incidents still happening? Why are these students still seeking revenge on their classmates and the world they’ve been surrounded by? These students are angry. They have a voice that has yet to be heard. In a morally grey world for teens, the answer is much more deep-rooted than simply keeping guns out of reach. Teens center their self worth around a universe dominated by ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’. They search for wisdom from celebrities and get pummeled in the face with sex appeal. They live in a different world than ever before and that requires a different approach.

When given the internet at your fingertips, one can formulate an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire world. These children aren’t ignorant. They aren’t clueless. They just want to be heard, and until that’s recognized, students will continue to go off on murderous rampages across the nation. We need to listen to the youth. The answer is perhaps not among us, but within them. People neglect to investigate what it is these teens are truly mad about. Until that’s solved, its unlikely anything will change.

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