The Nintendo Switch and What You Should Know About It

By Josh Wood

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest upcoming console. The Switch will be a “Hybrid” console, as Nintendo calls it. It’s designed to be a home console that can hook up to your TV from a docking station but can also be detached from its docking station and be used as a portable tablet. Making it Nintendo’s first console to be utilized as both a home device and a handheld.

On October 20, 2016, Nintendo announced the console along with a first look video on their official YouTube channel, demonstrating the Hybrid console. A major feature of the console are the Joy-Con controllers that are shown on the sides of the device. Nintendo will release the Switch in two bundles, one with red and blue neon Joy-Con controllers, and the other with gray controllers.

The Switch will be released March 3rd of this year and will cost $299.99. And the console will incorporate an online multiplayer feature with a new online service similar to Sony and Microsoft consoles. This won’t be a free service, however. Starting in the fall, Nintendo will begin to charge for this service. Subscribers will be able to use the Online Lobby and Voice Chat apps, have access to monthly game downloads, and will be given exclusive deals.

Now you’re probably wondering, what games are coming out for the Switch? Well, Nintendo has announced that later this year they will be releasing the next Mario game, Mario Space Odyssey. Which will be an Open-world Sandbox game. Also announced at the Nintendo Presentation, is the newest addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wind.

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