Intended Use of Funds Part 1: Vision

I believe Blockchain technology is a game-changing tool for humanity to transform into more stable and sustainable societies.

Now, to solve the problem of mainstream adoption by the root, Nimiq introduces two new approaches:

1. First-class Payment Experience

The intuitive usability of the Nimiq Blockchain is following the fundamental idea which every commercial payment provider is following: Their product design shows crystal clear that a frictionless payment process is the most important value to customers, because only if it is so easy that it leaves you without any big question marks, you feel confident to trust their technology with your money in your daily life.

Unfortunately conventional cryptocurrency is complicated, because Blockchain technology had to evolve from a theory-oriented perspective, solving the tremendously tough research and engineering problems while exploring the real-world possibilities and limits. At that stage you couldn’t start with the ambitious goal of streamlining the state-of-the-art research for simplicity. We introduce the third-generation of Blockchains starting on top of the shoulders of those giants who matured various approaches for decades. Enthusiastic about the rich open resources we started from scratch, researched payment psychology and designed an open protocol that beats ApplePay in simplicity.

2. Browser-based Blockchain

The Browser-based Blockchain is the most fundamental idea following from simplicity.

The web is the world’s biggest market place for any kinds of goods and services. Of course, you can use Bitcoin in the web, but by far not frictionless and not without an intermediary. Nimiq on the other hand is a payment protocol native to the web. Because of cutting-edge browser features it is simply installation-free. Imagine any website becoming a first-class citizen of this global Blockchain network. Imagine more apps like our Betanet miner: It is so insanely simple, I have a friend whose grandma started mining.

We shipped serious substance upfront as proof of our execution quality and to distinguish ourselves clearly from the current ICO noise. As expected, the right people noticed that gesture and started supporting us strongly. This fuels our confidence to aim for mainstream technology as beautiful and game-changing as the iPhone or a Tesla.

To make such a frictionless first-class payment experience accessible to all customers, merchants and developers, we now want to bring our execution to the next level, and further grow our Nimiq team and community through additional support from the best UI designers, Javascript ninjas, Blockchain researchers and security experts on this planet.

We love dedicating our lives to create purposeful technology with a large-scale impact. Myself, Philipp, Elion and the rest of our team couldn’t picture ourselves doing anything more fulfilling than changing the concept of money through a payment protocol that’s designed to empower the people and for the higher good of our planet.

If this resonates with you please stay tuned for Intended use of Funds Part 2.

Robin & Team

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