Nimiq Community Funding Board


Nimiq’s Community Funding initiative was created to provide support, mentorship and necessary seed funding to community developers who want to create NIM-based projects and add to Nimiq’s growing ecosystem.

However, Nimiq like every other crypto project has finite resources and this means that only the very best ideas and concepts can be backed. So, who decides which community projects will be backed? The Community Funding Board does.

What is the community funding board?

Nimiq’s vision is to grow this initiative with an ethos of ‘by the community, for the community’. That’s why the Community Funding Board is made up of three community representatives who, together with three members from the team, analyze and make judgments on which community proposals are to be supported.

The Community Funding Board is set to play an important role in the future growth of the Nimiq ecosystem and that is why it’s important for all Nimiq community members to vote for Board candidates who share their vision for Nimiq.

Go vote

It’s your vote, your voice, and every vote matters!

Key information

  • To vote, head over to and select your three favorite candidates. Thanks Chugwig (current community representative, running for election again) for the voting app.
  • You can also use an alternative version of the site, built by Smitop (current community representative, running for election again).
  • Bios for each candidate can be found in the Nimiq Forum.
  • Vote weightings are directly proportional to the amount of NIM in your wallet (as of August 1st at 06:00 UTC).
  • Voting has begun and will end on July 31 at 23:59 UTC.
  • Vote weightings will be determined by a snapshot of NIM wallet balances when the voting process ends.
  • A designated voting address means you can select your top 3 favorite candidates and submit your vote for just one Luna.

Make a difference

“Voting is not only our right. It is our power” — Loung Ung

Any democratic process is only as strong as the levels of participation. If you share our belief in Nimiq’s bright future, then make sure you don’t lose your right to have your say in who will represent you in the next Nimiq Community Funding Board.


Pura Vida,
Team Nimiq


Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem —

Ricardo Barquero Carranza

Written by

Community Manager of Nimiq



Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem —

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