Nimiq Community Meetup

First Edition — Amsterdam


For those who do not know me, my name is Ricardo Barquero Carranza (Richy most of the times) and I help with communication between the Nimiq Community and the rest of Team Nimiq. Lately, I have been focusing on achieving a faster flow of information between Team Nimiq and community developers. After all, it is the Nimiq Ecosystem itself that mostly thrives on the work of community developers. They provide a vital contribution by building projects, testing new features, debugging/sending reports and, last but not least, sharing ideas.

While chatting with users from the community, I noticed the creators of a good number of projects are based in the Netherlands. It is no surprise that one of the tech capitals of the world is also home to a good number of highly-skilled Nimiq supporters. It’s amazing when you see the current list of Nimiq Ecosystem Apps and find that the following projects have a Dutch stamp:

I started brainstorming the idea of a very first Nimiq International Meetup, in Amsterdam. A small meetup to discuss collaboration and strengthen bonds with current project leads based near the Netherlands.

To add to this already nice list of projects, with support from Team Nimiq, we were able to arrange the visit of Vasconcelos: Brazilian community organizer, and developer. His contributions and feedback after the launch of the Mainnet have been invaluable. To build on top of that, his current use case of allowing users to mine Nimiq while visiting his streaming platform is very interesting as it shows the behavior of the network under heavy stress conditions.

The Result?

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A very cozy and enriching experience that definitively had an overall Nimiq feeling to it. With amazing outcomes like:

Blueprint for future Meetups

Community members were really happy with the meetup. I am very happy with it too. However, I’m mostly thinking about improvements for the next Meetup and metrics to measure the success of this one. For it to be successful, it needs to bring actual short-term benefits to the overall community and that is something that we will notice, during the next number of weeks by monitoring the progress of the projects involved in the meetup. In the long term, Meetups are very important too as they increase communication between members and bring back the social factor to an otherwise remote and aloof interaction.

This first edition was a minimal version of a Meetup which is bound to improve. We plan to have Meetups somewhat more regularly and, in my opinion, it made sense to start small building a blueprint for future Meetups. I also want to encourage you to contact me in case you have ideas or if you would like to host your own Meetup and let me know what kind of support or sponsorship you might need.

I would like to thank again all the participants for taking the time to attend and for being part of the community. You guys are awesome!

See you soon!


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