Contributions Finalized — Closing Analysis

10 day sale & very wide base of contributors

What an experience. We barely made it back from Switzerland where we took first steps towards setting up the Endowment and Good Cause Foundation and were almost caught off-guard by the increased speed of contributions and the sudden, earlier-than-expected closing. Again we are very grateful for the strong show of support — THANK YOU!

An updated look at the distribution of contributions shows that since the previous analysis the base of supporters continued to widen significantly. With almost 4'400 valid contributions the Contribution and Creation Cap where fully met and reached in 10 days.

We have ‘finalized’ the Smart Contract and NET Tokens are now tradable. As indicated we are hitting the ground running and will soon release the first App to demonstrate the potential of the future Mainnet Ecosystem. Following that, the team is going to fully focus on tasks related to the Mainnet milestone. We already invited additional talent to join us in the effort and are very excited about the attention we’ve been getting from leading members of the Blockchain research community.

Again, a big thank you for enabling and believing in this team and task ahead.

Pura vida
Team Nimiq