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Community Funding Board July 2020 Meeting

NimiqX, NimiqChina and Community Hackathon Organization

Welcome to another meeting report from the Community Funding Board. The Nimiq Community has been growing a lot lately and the board is well aware of it. During this meeting we discussed two proposals from the community, continued organizing the upcoming Community Hackathon, talked about the Nimiq Community Hosting Service and rewarded users for their valuable contribution to the community. Let’s get to it!



NimiqX is one of the oldest projects of the Nimiq Ecosystem. Founded by active community member Miao, this website serves multiple purposes:

  • API for projects looking to quickly gather information related to Nimiq without running their own node.
  • Mining Calculator for users looking to plan their mining activities.
  • Charts and Statistics about the Nimiq Network for users who are interested in looking further into Nimiq’s operation.

After a quick discussion, board members agreed that NimiqX does provide a lot of value to the community.

This proposal has been approved, and will receive funding of 393 USD in NIM.


This proposal comes from Miao, the same user who asked for funding for NimiqX. Miao is fluent in Chinese and so, he has been helping promote the project in Asian Communities by translating content to Mandarin. He is requesting funding to keep the servers online for the next year. The Board also agreed there is a lot of value on this website and noticed how humble Miao’s proposal is, since he does not ask for funding for himself, but only to pay for the server costs.

This proposal has been approved with funding of 298 USD in NIM.

Nimiq Web Services Update

As you might remember from previous blog posts, the funding board has been discussing about a way to host projects (like NimiqX, NimiqChina and many others) under the same infrastructure in order to reduce costs and facilitate operation of community projects.

This time Board Member Maestro gave an update on this effort: Him and Vasconcelos have been researching and agreed on a possible hosting platform. In order to test a realistic scenario, the board agreed to accept Miao’s NimiqX together with Albermonte’s Tipbot as part of a first trial for the Nimiq Community Infrastructure Tasks Force. The IF Task Force is formed by experienced sysadmins from the community and Team Nimiq. This will allow the Nimiq IF Group to get a first testing phase with trusted and knowledgeable developers from the community like Miao and Albermonte.

Community Awards

This month we want to reward the effort and support from the following users:

Nimiq DJ Hektor Palme

You can find him playing some tunes at his Theta channel. He runs frequent giveaways and supports adoption of Nimiq one beat at a time. The board agreed to reward him with 10'000 NIM for his support.

Dutch developer Kaspar_NL surprised us with this nice app to request donations. It is simple, yet useful and perfectly showcases how to use Nimiq in a project. We will reward Kaspar with 10'000 NIM for his work. Thanks and BUIDL on!

Team Nimiq released information about how staking could look like in Nimiq 2.0 and immediately Ken_Blazer got to work. He created a useful staking calculator to calculate potential rewards on Nimiq 2.0 as well as different variables of the rewards system. Check it out here. We want to reward Ken_Blazer with 25'000 NIM for his work.

New Sticker Pack by qdelac

Let’s face it, we all love stickers. The new Sticker Pack by qdelac is just awesome. Members of the Nimiq Traders Telegram Group have been using them a lot and it definitely can paint a picture in a discussion. We appreciate a lot your effort qdelac and reward you with 4'000 NIM.

Miner Hub by Albermonte

New people find out about Nimiq everyday, they learn transition to staking is coming and get eager to start mining before that happens. Albermonte is here to help with the new Miner Hub, the easiest way to start mining with Nimiq. If you are not mining now, check it out! We reward Albermonte with 25'000 NIM for this super helpful and beautiful app.

Willersonsp supporting Brazilian community

Nimiq is going places and one of those places is Brazil! Community member willersonsp has been extra active helping portuguese-speaking community members with tutorials. Thanks for your help educating other users, we would like to reward you with 4'000 NIM.

FonsL and his awesome Nimiq OASIS Infographic

FonsL has been supporting the community for a while with cool designs and this time he created a clear and nice infographic about Nimiq OASIS. Even though we have a running competition for Nimiq OASIS infographics designers, we would like to reward FonsL with 5'000 NIM for creating this one out of pure love before the contest was even announced.

Community Coding Contest

The last topic discussed was the upcoming Coding Contest. We agreed that the contest will take place sometime next month to allow developers to prepare. The Board discussed some potential ideas. The most promising are:

If you have more ideas remember you can share them in the Project Ideas section of the Forum.

A lot have been going on and we had many things to share this month. Now we are excited about next month’s meeting. Remember you can send a proposal by following these instructions.

We would like to end by thanking the entire Nimiq Community for being one of the most unique, creative and supportive communities in the Crypto Space.

See you in the next one,

Nimiq Community Funding Board

Originally published at on August 12, 2020.



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