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Community Project Funding

Third meeting

  • 4 months left in the current Community Project Funding term.
  • 31.65 million NIM is still left to be allocated to community projects & rewards.
  • Team Nimiq is working closely with or has financially supported 10 projects through the initiative.

Changes for funding proposals

“Contribute first, reward later”

  • A security audit by Team Nimiq.
  • Mentorship.
  • Assistance with UI/UX design.

Meeting proposal evaluation


  • Project purpose: App users would be rewarded with NIM for viewing ads. This provides a free way for users to enter the Nimiq ecosystem and means that the only barrier to entry is smartphone ownership.
  • Development stage: Alpha testing.
  • Project team: Discord users Bushwhack & RRAALLVV
  • Previously evaluated? Yes, the Board requested proposal modifications.

Nimiq China

  • Project purpose: Translation of Nimiq content into Chinese to help grow Nimiq’s exposure in Chinese speaking communities.
  • Development stage: Working product.
  • Project team: Discord user Miao#6120


  • Project purpose: NimiqX is made up of six projects. The key one is focused on Nimiq APIs to interact with the Nimiq blockchain. Other subprojects include a mining calculator (, Nimiq metrics (, Nimiq price (, a converter (, and a NimiqX Discord bot.
  • Development stage: Working product.
  • Project team: Discord user Miao#6120

SushiPool | Nimiq GPU mining improvement proposal

  • Project purpose: To improve GPU mining through the creation of an OpenCL-based and fully open source version of the GPU Mining client.
  • Development stage: Prototype.
  • Project team: SushiPool.
  • Requested funding: 18 million NIM for development.
  • Mat (Developer at SushiPool): 300k NIM
  • Terorie (Developer at SushiPool): 300k NIM
  • EhssanD (Community Developer): 600k NIM, reward is conditioned to EhssanD releasing the code to the community.

SushiPool | Nimiq ATM community proposal

  • Project purpose: To create a Nimiq plugin for Batmthree Crypto ATM machines. This would enable any Batmthree Crypto ATM owner to allow users to buy NIM from the ATM.
  • Development stage: Concept.
  • Project team: SushiPool.
  • Requested funding: 14 million NIM for development.

Nimiq Lightning network framework

  • Project purpose: Research to prove the viability of a Lightning Network built on top of the Nimiq blockchain and implement payment channels and routing.
  • Development stage: Reseach.
  • Project team: Billy Garrison.
  • Requested funding: 3.5 million NIM.

Closing thoughts

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