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Nimiq OASIS Public Beta — Nimiq

NIM and BTC can now be bought directly by bank transfer.

  • In under five minutes
  • Without registration
  • At only 1,25% fees

Public Beta: What’s ready and what’s coming soon

A quick look at the entities involved

A word on the tech

  1. They release their funds to a specific address once a condition is met; or
  2. They return their funds to where they were sent from after a preset time expires

The Fees — or “How NIM holders will profit”

This is just the beginning

  • A standalone service: A straightforward solution to buy and sell with any wallet.
  • A widget and API: Fastspot will provide solutions to implement atomic swapping, buying and selling into any product.
  • Checkout and Ecommerce services: With OASIS, businesses will be able to accept crypto while receiving fiat.



Nimiq — Crypto For Humans —

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