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Nimiq: Past, Present & Future

Blog Series — Marketing

Marketing Efforts

  • Nimiq Web Shop: get Nimiq swag for NIM with a NIM-based checkout system. The first online shop showcase for the Nimiq Ecosystem!
  • Nimiq and Ledger: Ledger app and branded Ledger Nano S promotion
  • Content Marketing: broadened content on multiple channels
  • Nimiq Safe Usability: focus on onboarding and social features
  • Nimiq Outreach: research communities and conferences

Nimiq Web Shop

Nimiq and Ledger

First Batch of Nimiq-branded Nano Ledger S

Content Marketing

  • Crypto news & education
  • Q&A’s: Team Nimiq answering community questions
  • Projects in the Nimiq Lab: hardware hacking & research
  • Nimiq events: hackathons, conferences, and talks (see below)
  • Updates on Nimiq technology
  • Development of the Nimiq Nerd Campus

Nimiq Safe

Research and Conferences

University Hackathon



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