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Nimiq Progress Report — Nimiq

February 2021

Blockchain Team

LibP2P Integration


Nano Consensus








Wallet Update

  • New sign-up flow: Users are now required to download their Login File when creating an account. While this seems to put more effort on the user side, we had regular support requests from people asking to help them to restore their account after they lost access. But of course this is crypto, if you don’t have a back-up, we can’t help you. So now, the Login File will just automatically download when creating a new account — just takes a second and if you really need it, you’ll at least find it in your downloads folder.
  • Improved password limits: New passwords are limited to 256 characters. Too much? We just put an upper bound to avoid users messing with the wallet by entering incredibly long passwords in an attempt to break things.
  • iOS/Safari improvements: New accounts are no longer named “1” or “2” in the Wallet, but instead show their correct (initial background color based) name, translated to your language.
  • Improved UX: The team and designers went through the entire UI — for mobile and desktop — and polished small visual bugs and issues. So the UIs are even more beautiful now.
  • iOS/Safari: New accounts have BTC enabled automatically now, no more manual activation needed!
  • Reduced size: A thorough clean-up led to removal of unnecessary code, resulting in a smaller bundle size when loading the wallet and components.



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