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Trust Wallet Collaboration

More ways to store your NIM

Why collaborate with a multi-crypto wallet?

  • The community lead effort spearheaded by Terorie and Vasconcelos has empowered NIM holders by providing another great and convenient way to store tokens securely. Trust Wallet will also be the first mobile app to support NIM and enables Nimiq supporters to easily use NIM on the go.
  • Nimiq is set to integrate the NIM faucet into the Trust Wallet multi-crypto app so that users can experience the simplicity of NIM for free.
  • Adding NIM to the fastest growing multi-coin wallet increases the visibility and reach of Nimiq in the cryptocurrency community.
  • Opens the door for research collaboration opportunities between the two projects.

What does Nimiq bring to the table?

  • A centralized intermediary ever controlling the two assets being swapped.
  • The private keys of the crypto asset ever leaving the owners possession.

About Trust Wallet

Two million NIM giveaway

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