Twini — Twitch + Nimiq

What is Nimiq?

“Nimiq is a browser-based Blockchain designed for simplicity. Nimiq’s reason for existence is to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the mainstream.”. The places on the internet where Nimiq can be implemented as a payment protocol are endless. Read more about Nimiq here!

Introducing Twini

Being able to have fast transactions over the web is extremely important for Twitch. Twini utilizes the speed of Nimiq and makes this available in the Twitch ecosystem. Donate your favorite streamer within seconds!

When this article is published, TwiniBot should be in his own Twitch channel (click here). Wherever you can log in with your Twitch account (e.g desktop, tablet or mobile), you can interact with TwiniBot.

Note: TwiniBot is in early development phase so keep in mind that possible downtime and unexpected behaviors can occur.

Important: Right now TwiniBot is connected to the Nimiq Testnet. Which means: sending your Mainnet funds to your Twitch public address will result in a permanent loss of funds since resets can happen at any time.

Using Twini

Join the Twitch channel of TwiniBot (Twitch) and log in if you aren’t already. If you have donated to a channel, head over to the Nimiq webminer and mine the block to make your donation permanent. The reason for this is that there are no consistent miners who mine a Testnet block every minute. So you have to do it yourself. Of course, this extra step will disappear when Twini will make his step to the Mainnet.

Commands for Twini 0.0.1alpha-testnet are:

  • !echo Hello
    A test command to check if Twini is in the channel you are watching, will soon be removed.
  • !twini balance
    Receive funds information from Twini.
  • !twini wallet
    Receive your public wallet address from Twini.
  • !twini donate <amount>NIM
    Donate to the channel you are currently watching. Check out to check if your transaction came through.

Request Twini in your channel

Do you already want to have TwiniBot in your Twitch channel and try out the features? Send me a PM through Discord or Telegram. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this article.

Upcoming features

  • Withdraw funds to specified wallet address.
  • Interact with Twini via Whispers.
  • Bot being more communicative towards Twitch users.


  • Customized miner for earning small funds while watching streams so you can still support your streamer.
  • Dashboard for Twitch accounts for setting up and managing Twini in your own channel.
  • Integration with OBS and Livestreamer about actions that have occurred.
  • Pay your subscriptions with NIM?

Any comments, suggestions, feedback, testing or contributions are welcome.
Feel free to join the Twini Discord or PM me at Stefan#6139 or Nastezz in the official Nimiq Telegram group.