Top Apps Like Airbnb and Features to Build Your Own Platform

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Apps Like Airbnb

Looking for a unique vacation rental or considering developing your own rental platform? This blog explores top alternatives to Airbnb like Vrbo, Sonder, and, along with key features to consider for your own vacation rental app.

Top 6 Apps Like Airbnb

Here are some alternatives to Airbnb that can inspire your own app development.

1. Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

Vrbo, which was once called HomeAway, is one of the most well-known substitutes for Airbnb. With a vast global network of holiday rentals, it provides a variety of lodging choices, from comfortable cabins to opulent beachfront villas. Vrbo stands out due to its emphasis on whole-home rentals, which makes it the perfect platform for landlords who would rather rent out their complete house.

2. Vacasa

Vacasa creates amazing experiences by fusing local property management knowledge with technology. Vacasa provides property owners with optimal returns with its all-inclusive services, which include dynamic pricing, expert cleaning, and round-the-clock guest care. It also gives guests peace of mind throughout their visits. Its wide range of properties around the United States makes it a strong rival of Airbnb.

3. Plum Guide

Plum Guide provides tourists looking for carefully chosen luxury rentals with an amazing collection of houses that adhere to strict quality requirements. Every property goes through a rigorous screening procedure to guarantee that visitors get the best possible experience. Owners of upscale properties can use Plum Guide to draw in discerning guests seeking luxurious stays.


Although is best known for booking hotels, it has grown to provide flats and vacation rentals as well, making it a strong rival of Airbnb. Travelers looking for a variety of lodging options find appealing due to its user-friendly layout and broad search criteria. Property owners can reach a worldwide traveler audience by listing their homes on

5. Sonder

Sonder offers luxurious lodgings with hotel-caliber features and services, erasing the distinction between lodging and vacation rentals. Sonder serves both business and leisure guests looking for chic and comfortable lodging, with locations in major American cities. In order to meet the increasing demand for hybrid hospitality experiences, property owners can collaborate with Sonder.

6. FlipKey

TripAdvisor owns FlipKey, which is another notable participant and Airbnb substitute. With a focus on guest evaluations and ratings, it offers a wide range of hotels across the globe, guaranteeing quality and dependability. FlipKey’s integration with TripAdvisor helps property owners by utilizing the travel community and its extensive user base to draw new visitors.

Must-Have Features for Your Airbnb Alternative

If you want to develop a bespoke app like Airbnb, you should incorporate the following features:

build an app like airbnb

-> Customized Search Filters

The implementation of personalized search filters can greatly improve the user experience by allowing guests to locate accommodations that meet their specific choices in terms of location, price range, facilities, and more.

-> Personalized Recommendations

For the purpose of providing guests with individualized recommendations, intelligent algorithms should be implemented. This will ensure that guests find accommodations that are relevant to their interests and previous bookings.

-> Seamless Booking Process

In order to develop confidence and convenience, the booking process should be simplified by providing a user-friendly interface, secure payment channels, and real-time availability updates.

-> Interactive Host-Guest Communication

Instant messaging should be used to facilitate open and effective communication between hosts and guests. This will ensure that they are able to coordinate their stays in a seamless manner before, during, and after their stays.

-> Review and Rating System

Establish a comprehensive review and rating system, which will enable visitors to share their experiences and assist hosts with verifying their authenticity and trustworthiness of their business.

It takes meticulous preparation, execution, and continuous improvement to build an app like Airbnb. Building an effective platform that links landlords with tourists all around the globe requires an eye for detail, knowledge of available technology, and a willingness to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

To make sure that your project is a success, it is also important to find the right app development company. The timeliness, scalability, and quality of your app’s development can be greatly affected by a trustworthy technological partner.

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