I’m loving Angels instead

Jan 23, 2019 · 3 min read
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It’s very natural to want status, class and fame. Some prominent ideologies even present these concepts as harmful, both to society and to ourselves. But, for good or for worse, they’re not going away. For many of us, it’s the reason we get up in the morning, notwithstanding that most would be ashamed to say that out loud.

For example, in Britain, the class system is so deeply ingrained in the national psyche, it informs choices in every part of public life. Rejecting one’s social status, arguing with the injustice of it, expressing public shame or personal joy, clinging onto class with every essence of our being or throwing it away in a single breath: it’s become a national past-time, a kind of unfunny circus.

In America, there is an enduring myth that class is wealth, and that wealth can be achieved by anyone as long as you pursue it hard enough. What family you were born into, the color of your skin: Uncle Sam doesn’t care. Just pursue that wealth. Pursue it hard. Do it. It’s fleeting.

Class and status have been at the heart of the 20th century’s bloodiest wars and revolutions. Envy, hate, aspiration, oppression, Marx, Engels, emperors, peasants, Will and Kate, Jersey Shore etc…

It’s a game. It’s all a game. Well, at least nowadays it is. Games can still be desperately sad, triumphant or hopeful. In the end, they are still games. American Idol is a game, so is the Stock Market, espionage, and of course, Nimses.


Nimses doesn’t hide from status. There is a hierarchy in the app, but it has no affiliation with the corrupt hierarchies of our everyday societies. A User is someone who hasn’t been recognised by the system as a unique, living breathing Human. A Human is exactly that… Human. An Angel is a Human that has been Nominated by at least 1000 others as an important and valuable member of the Nimses community.

Insta-Influencers in disguise?

A ‘follower’ based system, such as on most social media values a shallow appreciation of a human as a product, not in their lasting contribution to the community or their future potential. On Nimses, you can follow people too of course. This means you see their content, their cappuccinos, t-shirt jokes, selfies with celebs and so on, all very good. However, nominating someone suggests this person is close to you personally. They could share an opinion that strikes a chord with yours or make posts that inspire your own voice. A Nomination is something you shouldn’t take light-heartedly. It’s not just a ‘like’ but rather a ‘cherish’. If you get to choose your own heroes then you should choose with care. Don’t choose the C-list celebrity Shih Tzu owner from LA with 100,000 followers, choose the photographer from your village who deserves 100,000 followers.

Why does it matter?

Angels are the most visible members of the community, their number of nominations (minimum of 1000) will grow exponentially once they reach that status. They glow a different color than the rest of us “mortals” and their content is displayed wherever we turn. These are the elite of the Nimses world. However, this is an elite we choose, an elite that can’t cheat their way to the top.

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Nimses, especially at this early stage in its exposure, offers a fertile ground for unsung heroes to find their audience and be rewarded for it. Your life BN (Before Nimses) doesn’t necessarily matter. Apologies to any existing celebrities. Stand aside while we make this game of classes a level playing field.



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