How taxes can become a blessing

Jan 15, 2019 · 4 min read
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Banks keep our money. Financial services manage our assets. Tax authorities incur compulsory fees. This is known to everyone. No need to look deeper. After all, smart people in suits make those decisions for us. They raise income tax to increase their revenue. They don’t spend on public services, and pour money earned by the everyman into upholding bureaucratic systems or filling their own pockets. Our response: let’s not think about it, it’s too complicated.

We only think about justice when we ourselves have been wronged. Economic crises often pose the greatest difficulties for any country and for all of its inhabitants. Especially for taxpayers. In an economic environment traumatized by recent financial crises, the taxpayer or bank customer is left asking: am I getting a good deal? Does the financial system itself work effectively?


Imagine the central bank of any country. It is located in a well-protected building with many educated people inside. The central bank performs various functions. One of the functions is monopolistic: minting currency.

Imagine the tax service of any country. It is also located in a guarded building with many important people inside and also performs various functions. Including a monopolistic one: tax collection.

If we unite these two state bodies, we get an omniscient financial monster that should never exist.

Brave New World

Transforming or replacing a single element can change the architecture of a whole mechanism. For example, what happens if the term “tax” is replaced with the term “contribution” in the financial system? The definitions of these payments say that they are mandatory and free of charge. There is no special need to name them one way or another. But “contributions”, unlike “taxes”, will be paid just by living.

Then you need to transfer the currency-minting function from a centralized national bank to the decentralized accounts of all living people. That is, every real human being will issue daily a certain amount of valuable units into their account. One part of this amount will be left for their own needs. Another part (the already mentioned “contribution”) will be transferred to a reliable repository. This repository will maintain regulatory policies, but not issue money like a national central bank would. In addition, all processes of issuing and deducting payments will be automated.

It is impossible to imagine this on the scale of a single country. This is down to a couple of factors. Firstly, a nation’s central bank does not only manage money received as tax payments from citizens. Secondly, there is no financial supervision or control. Thirdly, it is impossible to impose equal taxes on all people of all ages and statuses living within the country’s borders.

But this is already possible in the virtual world.

From One to Everyone

How Nimses made it a reality. Each nim is the result of human life. 1 nim is equal to 1 minute of human life. Most nims (emitted daily by users) remain in their personal accounts. This allows them to create their own media content, evaluate the content of other users, get goods and services, nominate influencers to a higher status, and so on.

The part called “contributions” goes to the Nimses Treasury. These contributions are a kind of contribution to the common good of the whole system.

King of the Hill

There are also “smaller” repositories — Temple Banks. They are geolocationally tied to a specific area called a Temple.

If earlier, we compared the Nimses Treasury to the central bank, then Temple Treasuries can be compared to regional branches.

Each Bank accumulates the contributions from its Citizens, as well as payments for the creation of media posts inside the Temple.

Temple Banks, as well as the central bank, are deprived of the mining function. Nims from Citizens are accumulated in the Temple Bank until it is claimed by an owner. The one who takes the Temple becomes its owner and receives Master status. Influencers, streamers, bloggers, and active Citizens can all become Masters of their Temples, if they have at least one dominim.

They Have a World to Win

The principles of emission in Nimses, as well as making contributions to the Nimses Treasury, protect human life as the basis for the uprising of absolute value. Every person using Nimses is important to the system simply because they exist. Just by living and contributing, everyone supports and develops the anthroposystem.

In Nimses there is no penalty for unpaid bills and fines, because there simply is no such concept. The fee collection system is fully automated and transparent. There are no tax police, and no one is arrested for concealing taxes.

Absolutely all contributions are securely protected. Financial control is carried out only by means of the Nimses Treasury.

Nimses has organized everything in such a way that its financial system is easily regulated, stable and users are not concerned about their absolute capital. And therefore, about their life.

Now everyone knows how their daily contributions are spent and everyone sees that they are fairly distributed. After all, users deduct contributions not only for the Nimses system to work effectively, but also for nims to appear on their accounts daily, and be spent light heartedly.



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