How to Read All Day

Nina Sankovitch
Nina Sankovitch
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Sep 27, 2016


Always have a book with you.

Read while waiting.
Read while eating.
Read while exercising.
Read before bed.
Read before getting out of bed.

Read instead of updating FB.
Read instead of watching TV.

Read instead of cutting the grass. Read instead of weeding. Read instead of vacuuming.
Read while vacuuming.

Read what you want.
Read a book a friend wants you to read.
Read a book a bookseller swoons over.
Read a book loved by your local librarian.

Read with your cat. Dog. Book group. Friend. Child. Child of Friend. Friend of Child.

And when you need something new to read, no problem. The world is full of great books. You will never run out of books to read. Just time to read them. So make time and read.