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Nine by Five Media is a new platform to highlight the diverse range of voices and views from the Island of Jersey. We go beyond the facts to analyse, contextualise and reflect on current affairs so we can ultimately help generate positive change.
Note from the editor

If you have a Jersey related story for us then please get in touch by emailing 9x5Media@protonmail.com

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Ollie Taylor
Jersey (UK) Evening Post columnist and founder of Nine by Five Media. Always looking for the local angle. Views are all mine and not that of any employer.
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Bram Wanrooij
Educator, author and knowledge seeker, committed to social change. Check out my book — DISPLACED — https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43782238-displaced
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Colin Lever
Through my writing, I put the needs of children first. My aim is to give children a voice in a society where most are seen as investments.
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Nigel Jones
All living things are intimately and very snugly connected together, and we always have been.
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Nine by Five Media
Guest spots, collaborations and editorials for Nine by Five Media
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Lee Carpenter
Former Daily Mail reader turned fluffy snowflake.
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Laura Ridley
Chair of the Jersey Cares; Refugee Aid Group and passionate activist for the Human Rights of refugees and displaced people
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Gabriel Carter
Jèrriais anti-imperialist. Radical democracy and Third World socialism. Remember September 28th!
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Natalie Strecker
Supporting the international movement to create a kinder, fairer society for all & looking after this planet we share. #antiracist #socialist proud snowflake!
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Liam Renouf
Practitioner sitting somewhere uncomfortably between artist and activist. Writing on politics, art and culture.