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With Chatper III: the Cave of Jotunhiem, Arena was the feature that was changed the most. a total REBOOT!!! Let’s Check it Out!

🔽 Ahhh! before we proceed, One thing to remember! 🔽

The arena is now regular?

With the reboot, Arena will take place according to a regular schedule. And will have different “tiers” and relative rewards for Arena along the way. Please take a look at the below chart.

Do keep in mind that the above calendar is just a depiction of how it’s going to be. The dates are not exact. As it appears on the calendar, there will be about 12 regular Arena Seasons (Monthly), 4 Championships (Quarterly), and then the Grand Finale (Annual). Simply, there are ‘3 Seasons,’ then a ‘Championship.’

In between each season, there will be an “Off-season” for you to get prepared and register for the upcoming season. Each ‘Seasons’ and ‘Championships’ will be about 2 weeks long (100,800 blocks), and ‘Off-seasons’ will be about a week-long (50,400 blocks).

(The duration of each session could change according to the situation of the time)

Don’t worry we will be announcing Arena schedules along the way.

🙌Slow down, Register? Off-Season?

Yes, there’s a lot to take in. Each Off-season, you will have to sign-up for the upcoming arena season with a small number of crystals. You can still sign-up even after the season has begun, but the entrance fee will increase. This will hopefully deter Bots from entering the arena just for the reward. There won’t be NCG rewards for Off-season, but materials for food will still drop.

🏆Championships and Grand Finale?

The numbers here are placeholders!!!

Championships are a higher-tier battleground for the bravest of all. To participate, each player will be required to collect a certain amount of medals from previous seasons, a.k.a Entry Conditions. (i.e. to participate in Championship 01, you have to earn medals from Seasons 01~03) If you don’t have a sufficient amount of medals, you won’t be able to participate in the Championship. However, Championships are where you can aim for special ranking rewards such as costumes and more!

🏅Medals? Then bots will just dominate?

No, because medals will only drop and will drop 100% when you win a battle. So, you will have to carefully choose your opponents (Stop beating on Wabbs!) While we are talking about wins and losses, the rating system has been simplified. Your rating will go down when you lose in a battle.

🔖What about tickets?

Tired of staying up all night for your tickets? Now the ticket refresh time has been extended from 5 tickets per 2,800 blocks to 8 tickets per 5,040 blocks. Did you lose a few tickets even with the extension? You can buy more tickets to make up for the tickets you’ve missed, but don’t do that too often, it will cost more every time you buy tickets. 🤞

And with the power of crystals, you will be able to conjure up a “Buff Bonus” to aid your battle. There are various kinds of buffs you can benefit from. But just to spice up a little bit, it will be random, “Gacha” style. It might come in handy when your CP is not so far away from your opponent.

😮Tell me more things that are different?!

On top of the things that are mentioned above, there are several other changes to the Arena.

  • You can now save your Arena equipment settings, apart from your adventure inventory. You can save, and change them in the Arena room.
  • For a better Arena experience, your HP will double up in the Arena battles.
  • Elemental damage will now be in effect for Arena Battles. It’s time to think about the elements of my weapons and opponents’ armor. The extra damage will occur according to elements of each other’s weapons and armors.
  • “Miss” feature on normal attacks and skills is added to the arena, according to your ‘Hit’ stats.
  • The percentage of skill usage will now be changed. Your strongest skill will be activated first according to its activation percentage.

😱There is a lot to digest. But these changes will make the new Arean more exciting and strategic. If you are not clear about certain parts of the article, ask questions on our Discord for answers! Our community is here to help!

Keep playing and reach for the top! 👍



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