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5 min readAug 17, 2023


Welcome to the Nine Chronicles Content Creators Program (CCP)!

We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey alongside passionate and creative individuals like you. The CCP is all about celebrating your unique talents and insights as you dive into the immersive world of Nine Chronicles.

You will be shaping the heart of our community through your content, whether it’s gameplay guides, mesmerizing fan art, thought-provoking discussions, or captivating lore explorations. Get ready to showcase your creativity, connect with fellow creators, and make a lasting impact on the Nine Chronicles universe.

Together, we’ll forge a collaborative environment that enriches the gameplay experience.

Unveil Your Imagination NOW!

[ Tiers and Qualifications ]

We know that not all creators are experts in fancy software, and that’s absolutely okay! Your ideas are what truly matters to us. That’s why we’ve created different tiers, each with its own requirements and rewards. Whether you’re a popular influencer, a skilled artist, or just starting out, there’s a tier that’s a perfect fit for your creative journey. Your unique perspective is invaluable, and we’re here to make sure it shines. Check out the tiers below to find the one that suits you best and take the next step by applying today!

[ Other Rewards ]

In addition to the foundational rewards, we’re excited to introduce a range of additional incentives! We deeply appreciate your commitment and the positive impact you have on your friends and community.

Your consistency and influence are remarkable, and we want to acknowledge that. With this in mind, we’ve crafted extra rewards that reflect your dedication and the ripple effect you create.

[ How do I become a Content Creator? ]

Certainly, becoming a content creator within the Nine Chronicles community involves a step-by-step process that we’re excited to guide you through. Here’s an elaborate breakdown of the journey:

🎨 01. Creation:

This it the most important part of all. Brainstorming!
Come up with some ideas or themes that most of Nine Chronicles’ players can relate to. Something funny or informational would be great!
Be Creative!

⬆️02. Upload:

You must upload your work (images, videos, etc.) onto your SNS with the hashtags below. Make sure they are visible to the general public (No private postings or accounts are allowed)

📜03. Submission:

Once you have uploaded your content onto your Social Media, it’s time to submit your work to the program. This is the most crucial part!


You must submit your content to the above link!

Make sure to submit your work on time! Anything that comes after the deadline will be considered for the following month.

Make sure your links are correctly connected. If our team cannot find your work, you will be disqualified from the reward.

✅04. Evaluation:

Once submitted, your work will be evaluated by our CST members. We will inform you of the evaluation result via the email you submitted via the submission form.

🪙05. Rewards:

Once you have received an email from the team, you will receive your rewards within a week via the 9C address you have submitted.

[ Some Guidelines? ]

Finally, there are some guidelines that you might want to keep in mind!

👍Highway to the Treats

  • The main goal of the Content Creators Program is to grow the 9C community: bring new users, and help players progress in the game;
  • Content should be helpful, clear, well-organized, spell-checked, friendly and straightforward.
  • Original and personalized content is mandatory.
  • Use official, hi-res imagery as much as possible;
  • Always use the official hashtags and links: [#NineChronicles] [#Planetarium] and keep each post online for at least 12 months;
  • We encourage content variety: promotional, educational, or for entertainment
  • Always reach for high-quality visuals (not just plain text) and a takeaway (a main idea/conclusion or any call to action (i.e. learn more, create an account, comment below, etc.)
  • And finally, respect the Planetarium’s General Rules.

👎Shortcuts to the litter-box

  • Attempt to create multiple accounts to enroll in the program.
  • Post material with self-inserted ads or promotion of other game projects.
  • Present Nine Chronicles in a negative and derogatory light (i.e., spreading FUD and misinformation about the project)
  • Post materials to defame or bring down Nine Chronicles Community members and/or Planetarium developers (profanity, exploits, etc.)
  • Inactivity will not remove you from the program, but failure to comply with the guidelines or lack of submissions will result in no payment.

[ Finally ]

If you have any questions or doubts about the CCP, do not hesitate to contact the community support team from our Discord.

We’ll forge a collaborative environment that enriches the community experience for all. Thank you for being an essential part of this vibrant community and sharing your enthusiasm for Nine Chronicles with the world! Your efforts don’t go unnoticed — they’re shaping the Nine Chronicles universe meaningfully.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for continuing to make a difference!

If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to visit our Discord to join and learn more about the open-source MMORPG network powered by the community. Cheers! 👋



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