[9C] Developer’s Commentary — Part 01. Current Issue and Our Resolutions

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Dearest community of Nine Chronicles.

After carefully reviewing comments and feedback regarding Nine Chronicles, our team thought it would be nice to provide fundamental explanations based on the current situation. Then, once the direction for further progress is clarified, we would like to further engage in more detailed discussions.

Some of the issues that came up were as follows:

  • The market has had numerous bugs since v100381, making it difficult to use properly.
  • Pets are considerably weaker than the pets we’ve seen in the Previewnet, making them less attractive for purchasing and enhancing.
  • There is skepticism regarding the development team’s preparations, inferred from screenshots related to 5–10 Mil NCG Staking, etc., that seems disconnected from reality.
  • The costs, such as NCG, required for growth increase significantly, but the rewards obtained after growth are insufficient compared to the costs for character growth. Consequently, the game lacks merit as P2E
  • Bots these days grow quickly and fast to higher levels.
  • New users are disappearing due to aversion to bots and a lack of P2E merits.

First, let us explain the issues where you can expect quick changes:

  • We are genuinely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the filtering and sorting issues. We have addressed these concerns and made improvements to alleviate the inconvenience as much as possible in the v200010 update. Moving forward, we will continue gathering feedback from the community and reference experiences from other sources to enhance the market based on user input.
  • Regarding pets, we considered the feedback from the test phase during the preview version, where they were considered excessively powerful and ruined the excitement for the game. We have made adjustments to make pets more balanced and satisfying. However, we understand there are still concerns, and we have prepared an update in v200010 that improves pet performance by approximately 2 times compared to the previous version. We will continue to improve pets along the way.
  • The upcoming Monster Collection release includes increased current rewards and adjustments to levels 6 and 7. We appreciate your understanding that these adjustments are preparatory steps for a ‘Decentralized BM’ system. We will soon provide more detailed explanations regarding Monster Collection improvements, Decentralized BM modeling, and mobile IAP through NCIP. We are currently testing BM models with Nine Corporation-owned NCG to make it easier for other users to use this system, even with PoS and Mobile settings. We will provide further instructions on this subject.

Furthermore, let us address the ongoing concerns about the value of NCG:

  • The increasing amount of NCG required for growth is part of our effort to enhance the token’s value through various utility options and strengthen the tokenomics. We aim to create multiple axes of growth by using NCG in gameplay while maintaining balance. However, the value will not continually increase. We will carefully predict usage patterns based on the objectives of each content and adjust the balance, considering the various attempts and improvements. One of the first places you will notice the difference is the equipment from ‘World 7,’ where the cost of enhancement using NCG will be lower than the equipment from previous worlds. This preparation aims to facilitate growth by reducing the NCG costs required for enhancement. In the following commentaries, we will provide more details on how we plan to enhance the gaming experience via equipment upgrades and expanded combat meta. It will also include the balance adjustments for costs as part of the ongoing process of finetuning.
  • We are continuously contemplating the amount of ‘earn’ (or NCG) obtained as rewards. We are preparing to create various utility options for NCG tokens, allowing them to be transferred and burned in different forms, thereby adjusting the token’s value and reward scale. We appreciate your patience as we work through the ongoing process of experimenting with different approaches.

Regarding the concerns about bots:

  • We understand that our response to the issue of bots has not been as prompt as desired. The definition of bots encompasses a wide range of interpretations, including convenience-oriented modifications or actions that exploit unfair profits.
  • We have been actively gathering diverse opinions on this matter and aim to involve the community in discussions rather than relying solely on internal decision-making. We aim to establish rules and procedures in collaboration with the community, considering various aspects, such as internal protocols and restrictions on the onboarding portal.
  • As a part of the effort, with help for our CST (Community Support Team), we were able to ban multiple accounts exploiting the game and causing an imbalance in our ecosystem. We would also like to emphasize that this is not a temporary measure but an ongoing effort to build a healthier Nine Chronicles ecosystem.
  • However, it is important to acknowledge practical limitations when addressing this issue, which may result in a response that differs speed and approach from typical web2 games. For instance, immediate suspension of accounts that bypass restrictions and exploit invitation codes excessively poses challenges in effectively managing code distribution.

[ Future Commentaries ]

Based on the information provided, we have outlined the following plan for future commentaries:

  • [3rd Week of May]
    World 7, new equipment and equipment meta — Medium
  • [3rd Week of May]
    Nine Chronicles mobile IAP, including decentralized BM — NCIP
  • [4th Week of May]
    Mobile version of Nine Chronicles for AOS and iOS — Medium

These documents will provide detailed information and explanations regarding the topics mentioned, allowing for effective communication and addressing further issues.



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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