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3 min readMar 2, 2023


Dear Adventurers,

Do you remember the days when you first entered the realm of Nine Chronicles? We’ve all experimented and crafted so many things to equip ourselves with better gear. Yes, we were all there once, and our Blacksmith Master, Dverg, was no exception.

Way back when Dvergr was still an apprentice at the Blacksmith, he was full of curiosity and eagerness to become the best Blacksmith in all of the Nine Chronicles world. His hammer and forge clashed for days and nights. Unfortunately, not all of his creations were suitable for the adventurers of Nine Chronicles. Dvergr never wanted his failures to be seen by others, so he abandoned them.

As time passed and Dvergr became the Master of the Blacksmith, those items were long forgotten from his memory. Until Krystal, our Grinding Cat accidentally tripped over one of the abandoned items and brought it back to the workshop to grind it! The equipment was never meant to be used in battle. However, it was forged with precious stones, crystals!

However, it’s different from the kind that we use every day. You will need to obtain a special type of crystal, only found during particular times and locations around the Nine Chronicles Realm. We heard that special crystals also began appearing in some areas along with the new World Boss, Saehrimnir.

Are you ready to join the adventure with me?

[ ⚙️Just Grrrrind it!⚙️ ]

Dear Friends! Welcome to “Just Grrrind it!”

You’ve all been invited to the adventure of finding hidden unique crystals!

For about the next 2 weeks, special crystals used in forging event items will be dropped from specific stages around Nine Chronicles. The items aren’t for the battle but will yield superb amounts of crystals that will quench your thirst for crystals.

Let’s find out more details!

[ Event Period ]

Thursday, March 2nd ~ Thursday, March 16th (2 weeks)

[ Where to find the Special Crystals? ]

  • During your adventures, 4 different types of Special Crystal will drop from certain stages at different rates.
  • Higher the level of the stage, the more Special Crystal you will get.
  • Special crystals will only drop for stages 150/200/250.
  • No other stages will drop crystals.

[ What to do with the Special Crystals? ]

  • With the special crystals, you will be able to forge special event items.
  • There are 3 items you will be able to craft with special crystals — Belt, Necklace, and Ring.

[ What to do with the Special Items? ]

  • These items don’t have much of a battle quality but will yield a great amount of crystals.
  • Craft as much as possible and Grrrind them all!

[ How much crystals do I get from grinding? ]

  • Each item will yield a different amount of crystals according to their rarity
  • The amount of crystal you will get will also be affected by the NCG Staking: Monster Collection.
  • You will get 50K to 5M Crystals with these new items! (If you haven’t staked anything)




Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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