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3 min readMar 10, 2023


Dear Nine Chronicles Community,

Our team would like to extend appreciation and gratitude to every single player for their ardor for Nine Chronicles. We always keep in mind that community is one of the main pillars of Nine Chronicles. On that note, we would like to take a moment to recap and address our thoughts regarding the issue that happened at the beginning of the crystal grinding event ‘Just Grrrind it’ on the 2nd of March.

[ What has happened? ]

The event, ‘Just Grrrind it,’ was first introduced to the game with the update v100370. The event was designed to let players easily earn many crystals by crafting & grinding special items. However, there was a glitch within the code, and the drop rate for an item (Special Crystal Jewel) was abnormally higher than we had expected. The error was corrected with a subsequent hotfix.

During the first few hours, some users have gained an excessive amount of specific items, which could potentially disrupt the current economic system of Nine Chronicles. Our community also shared concerns about the situation and appealed for arbitration of the problem.

After a detailed investigation and discussion with the community and within the team, we would like to present to the community with our resolution.

[ Resolution ]

Normalize the economy

  • We will be contacting specific players who have gained an abnormal number of items. We will ask the players to return a certain amount of items (Special Crystals) or earnings (NCG/WNCG) that they have accumulated as a consequence of this event. The player can respond to the request from our team at their will. However, failure to comply may result in a permanent ban from Nine Chronicles. The retrieved amount will be burnt to minimize the collateral damage.
  • This is not the first time Nine Chronicles is enforcing a rule on a specific player. Previously, some community members have been penalized for their wrongdoing and were permanently banned from Nine Chronicles. However, the actions were never announced publicly due to security reasons.

Bug Bounty

  • Our team is and will try to present a feature free of glitches and bugs. However, there is always room for human error. Apart from many other efforts, we would like to enhance the ‘Bug bounty’ program for Nine Chronicles in order to recognize and honor the honest and supportive players of the game.

[ Conclusion ]

We understand that the current situation may be frustrating for many of you. Our team profoundly feels and shares the same concerns that you have. We will not hesitate to endeavor any suggestions or opinions from our community in securing our ecosystem. Furthermore, our team is considering posting a ‘Code of Conduct’ for Nine Chronicles to keep malicious activities at bay.

At the same time, we are grateful that this is another message from the community that we seriously care about the well-being of Nine Chronicles and its community. Our team is always thankful and proud of our great community. Thank you for all your endless support and enthusiasm for Nine Chronicles.