[9C Update] ⚔️Championship Rewards: 🔥Fear My FURY🔥

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3 min readNov 22, 2022


Dear Adventurers!

Are you enjoying the second Championship? Are you winning and collecting all the medals? We have just a handful of days left until Championship 2 is over. So, I think it would be a good time to share what the rewards are for the championship.

Before we talk about the details, I would like to introduce you to a new “Furious” character making a debut in Nine Chronicles.

I present you “FURIOSA”

🔥This Axe Will Show You My Fury 🔥

Wielding a ruthless one-handed axe, Furiosa is one of the best warriors in the Nine Chronicles realm. Serimnir discovered her as an orphan abandoned at the mouth of a remote cliff in Svartálfaheimr. Serimnir raised her as his daughter. However, as Serimnir wanted to raise her as the strongest warrior, Serimnir did not hesitate to put her through harsh training. Consequently, Furiosa developed a love-hate relationship with Serimnir.

Furiosa is loyal to the wild boar tribe, who took her as an orphan, and is willing to sacrifice everything for the tribe. Therefore, she is excessively hostile towards the gods, which may be a struggle to forget the endless questions about herself, where she came from, and who she is.

Her axe was forged with the best materials and techniques from Svartálfaheimr. Though it does not possess magical qualities like Mjǫllnir, its size and power can destroy any opponents who get in her way.

You will be receiving Furiosa as a costume reward for Championship 2.

[ Rewards ]

So, who will be getting Furiosa and other rewards?
Check out below! 👇

🏅 Titles

  • Top 100 Adventurers will receive a Championship 2 title.
  • The stats of the championship 2 title will be similar to the title of championship 1

👚Costume: 🔥Furiosa🔥

  • Among the Top 1–200 players, the Top 80 players with higher NCG staking will receive.
  • Also, among the Top 1–500 players, 20 players will be randomly picked for the costume. (Will not overlap with NCG Staking reward)

✅ Notes

  • Only one character from each account is eligible for the reward. Meaning if 2 of your characters are eligible for the title, only 1 character with a higher level will receive the reward.

Can’t wait to meet Furiosa in Nine Chronicles!
Good luck to you all!!