[ 9C Update ] 💎 Runes: New changes to come (ft.Previewnet)

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5 min readNov 21, 2022



  • Nine Chronicles Team is proudly presenting a new feature, the Rune system.
  • This major update will tremendously increase the amount of NCG burn and expenditure within the game.
  • Not only that, this will benefit players with unparalleled powers and abilities. Not to mention the more diversified and exciting gameplay!

Dear Adventurers,

What’s that shiny thing in your pocket? Runes?
How I wonder what they are? 👀

Yes, the RUNES are finally here! well, just on the Previewnet.
But make sure you read below and learn about the new feature that will soon be added to the mainnet. I assure you this will be a game changer!

[ Growth, Diversity, and Collision…💥 ]

As you all know, Nine Chronicles is an RPG game. And there are millions of discussions about RPG games’ different characteristics. However, above all, the talks on ‘Growth,’ as one of the most essential parts of the PRG game, are most prevalent. It is hard work. A player must accumulate experience points or items dropped from the game and advance to the next level via repetitive gameplay. And for Nine Chronicles, there are two significant features representing growth, ‘Stages’ and ‘Equipment.’

To provide various effects to the players, our team has tried out some different features; in World 1, we have put item-level requirements so close to one another that you can unlock the following equipment before crafting the previous equipment. Moreover, in order to make it easier to upgrade the Epic-level equipment, we have set up two types of equipment of the same rarity. In addition, we have set up a belt that uses a different kind of material than other equipment of the same rarity level. In addition, the necklaces of May World are designed to give the user a different growth experience depending on the subtype.

However, it took a lot of work. Even during the designing process, there were various changes to NCG values. Also, it was challenging to recreate the conditions because the players had significant differences in growth speed. In some cases, some items created far overwhelmed others. Therefore, the various experiences in diversifying players’ growth experience through the equipment did not give us satisfying results compared to the side effects.

Also, it has always been the primary concern that providing players with a wide range of experiences is difficult due to the basic structure that equipment unlocked from later stages substitutes existing equipment. Similarly, equipment is a basic requirement to clear the next stage. Still, the required material for enhancement increases, so it is also very burdensome to give strategic diversity, such as applying special skills only for a specific stage.

Of course, the selection and diversity in the specific direction mentioned above did not produce good enough results because there needed to be more content within Nine Chronicles that required various equipment. However, it has played an intertwining role in each other with the concerns about the equipment above.

[ Continuous Enhancement, Choices, and New Rewards ]

We are now presenting you with a new growth method to overcome various limitations of preexisting items. The Runes, a newly introduced system and items which could be acquired from many places, and acquiring do not grow linearly.

Unlike existing equipment, the rune system aims to provide players with various options, not linear growth. Players can now selectively wear HP-related stats runes for content that requires a lot of physical strength, a skill rune for facing the world boss with special skills, and many other runes run to substitute the stats you lack.

Following NCG and Crystals, Rune will be treated similarly to currencies. For the processing of each compensation, New runes will be minted each time and given out to the players.

Rune stones required for upgrading runes will be provided in various forms. Players can get runes from 3 different places when introduced first to the game. With future updates, we aim to give the players multifaceted gaming experiences and extra perks.

  • Prosperity Gauge: You will earn runes stones from the lobby, every time you gain AP every 1700 blocks.
  • World Boss Reward: You will earn related rune stones as world boss rewards
  • NCG Staking Reward: You will earn rune stones along with a weekly NCG staking bonus

You will need other Nine Chronicles currencies, NCGs, and Crystals to upgrade your runes. Consequently, players will be grinding for crystals and spending NCG. Through these processes, the economy of Nine Chronicles will grow healthier and larger.

[ ☑️ Try this out on the Previewnet ]

Before unleashing the beast into the mainnet, we would like to give a test run on the Previewnet. You will be able to try out different features of the runes on the Previewnet. However, this time, Previewnet will work a little bit differently. To ensure you have the rune's full experience, you will be given a pre-established character. Below is how your characters will be set up on the Previewnet. Try out as much as you want. You will have enough riches to try out various features of runes.

- Previewnet Setup -

  • 📊 Character level: 100
  • 🗺️ Stage Clear: Stage 100 (World 2)
  • ⚔️ Equipment:
    - Weapon: Gladiator Sword (land) +3
    - Armor: Casual Clothes (wind) +3
    - Belt: Solid Belt (water) +3
    - Necklace: Mana Necklace (water) +3
    - Ring 1~2: Thin Ring (land) +3
  • 🤑 Currency (Riches)
    - Crystal:
    500,000,000 Crystals
    - NCG:
    100,000 NCGs
  • 💎 Rune Stones:
    Adventurer’s Rune Stone: 100,000
    - Fenrir HP Rune Stone: 100,000
    - Fenrir ATK Rune Stone: 25,000
    - Fenrir Bleeding Rune Stone: 5,000

You can download the Previewnet here: THE LINK

Enjoy your ride, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the runes!