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4 min readJul 1, 2024


Dear Adventurers!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of an exhilarating new challenge: Adventure Boss! This exciting content allows you to team up with fellow adventurers to take down mighty boss monsters that appear every two days. Defeat these formidable foes and earn incredible rewards!

[ What is the Adventure Boss? ]

Adventure Boss is a special event where you and your fellow feline warriors can join forces to defeat a powerful boss monster. Every two days, a new boss will appear, and the adventure begins as soon as a player places a bounty on the boss. This sets off an intense, action-packed four-hour raid where everyone competes to contribute the most and claim their share of the spoils.

[ How It Works ]

The raid starts with the placement of a bounty by any player who has reached Monster Collection Level 3 (5000 NCG). Once the bounty is placed, the boss is revealed, and the battle begins. You’ll need to use AP potions to challenge different floors of the dungeon, with each floor cleared earning you points and rewards. There are 20 floors in total, and you can challenge them in increments of 5. Some floors require special unlocks using materials or NCG, making each step a strategic decision.

After the four-hour battle, the boss is defeated, and the rewards are distributed. Players who placed the bounty receive special rewards, while all participants earn NCG and item rewards based on their contributions. This is your chance to earn big and showcase your skills!

[ Bounty System ]

Only those who have acheived Monster Collection Level 3 or higher can place bounties. When a season ends, the collected bounties are distributed as follows:

  • 15% goes to the participants based on their contributions
  • 5% is randomly awarded to one lucky player
  • 80% will be distributed among the Monster Collection users.

Players who place the largest bounties also receive a 20% bonus, so aim high for extra rewards!

[ Challenges and Rush ]

Challenging new floors for the first time grants you unique rewards, while repeatedly clearing floors allows you to accumulate points and earn contribution rewards. The more AP potions you and your fellow players use, the greater the final reward pool, making teamwork and dedication key to maximizing your gains.

[ Exciting Rewards Await ]

Your hard work will be compensated with great rewards. On top of the familiar items like NCG, Golden Dust, and Ruby Dust, we are thrilled to introduce three brand-new items to Nine Chronicles, which will be available soon through Adventure Boss Rewards (They will be updated separately) :

  • Emerald Dust: Use Emerald Dust to summon the powerful new Grimoire equipment, an eighth gear slot offering a range of abilities across attack, defense, and more. This innovative equipment will enhance your gameplay with its versatile options.
  • Exclusive New Runes: Collect stat-enhancing runes that boost cri, hit, and spd stats, available only through the Adventure Boss. These runes require fewer crystals and NCG for upgrades, making them accessible even to lower-level players. These unique runes will provide significant advantages and are designed to be the best in their class.
  • Hammer Items: These versatile enhancement materials can be used to upgrade any gear, with future updates promising even more ways to enhance your equipment. The Hammer items will simplify and speed up the enhancement process, providing a crucial resource for all adventurers.

[ Introducing the Grimoire ]

Along with these fantastic new items, we’re also excited to bring you the Grimoire. The Grimoire is an innovative new piece of equipment that occupies the eighth gear slot. This item comes in three categories — attack, defense, and support — and offers a wide range of abilities to customize your character’s build. The Grimoire’s recipes will change each season, with the first set available until the end of September 2024.

[ Community-Centric Gameplay ]

Adventure Boss is more than just a new way to play; it’s a true community-driven event. It offers another way to earn NCG directly within the game, without using portals. As a major source of new materials for summoning and equipment crafting, it complements existing stages and the Monster Collection. It’s a decentralized experience where the community opens and drives the event, ensuring that rewards are fairly distributed among all players.

For Monster Collection users, Adventure Boss adds a thrilling layer of excitement by combining weekly item rewards with substantial NCG payouts. It’s also designed to ensure that higher-level players can quickly acquire new materials and stay ahead of the competition.

In the broader 9C ecosystem, Adventure Boss fosters growth and collaboration. High-engagement players distribute their NCG to the community, helping everyone advance. This system ensures that rewards are determined by the players, for the players, promoting a vibrant, thriving community.

Join us in this epic new adventure! Defeat the Adventure Boss, claim fantastic rewards, and take your character to new heights. We can’t wait to see you in action!