📜A Mysterious Invitation from D:CC 🐾 ft. PFP Project

Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles
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4 min readJul 29, 2022


⚔️ Greetings to all Cat Warriors of Nine Chronicles. ⚔️

How did you like our secret surprise? We are tremendously puurr-oud and ecstatic to finally reveal our clandestine society. Sharp ones may have already noticed our presence via harbingers on Twitter and discord.

We welcome you to the D:CC.🐾(with majestic and grand meow)

You look like a lost cat. Come along. We got answers for you, kitty cat.

[ WT* is the D:CC? 🔮]

D:CC stands for De:Centralized Cat.

Since ancient times, various secret societies have dwelt among us worldwide. Am I making no sense? (Deep Breath)

No, try using your cat senses and think once more.

Knights Catplar, Illumi-nyan-ti, Furry Maison, and many more.

We, the great D:CC, are also one of the most archaic and distinguished societies. You may find it hard to believe, but many celebrities and corporates are associated with us. (Passionate Glare)

[ Our Mission 🎯 & Funds 💰]

Have you looked upon the night sky and pondered why the night sky is pitch black?

This vast universe is the black fur coat the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. And the Earth is his all-seeing blue eyeball. As the Cat wishes to show his completeness and sublimity, the Cat decentralized itself and sent us the avatars.

You may think cats are just cute, furry, and cuddly friends of humans.

Wrong!!! (Paw-unch🐾)

Cats were, is, and will continue to exist among us forever.

D:CC envisions a world where all creatures throughout the universe adore and, even more, venerate the Cat. Because cats are, indeed, a conglomeration of all the positive adjectives of the world. To achieve so, D:CC is working in various fields among human lives ranging from societal, economic, political, and technological fields.

Don’t you ever doubt D:CC‘s capabilities in achieving such a grand plan. We have great patrons backing us. You can check that out with human newspaper articles.

[ Proof № 01 ] [ Proof № 02 ]

[D:CC and Nine Chronicles 🎮]

Nine Chronicles is an open-sourced blockchain MMORPG, based on Norse Mythology. This is the first game that D:CC is developing to feline-fy the Norse mythology.

Now you are starting to see the bigger picture. Why all the NPCs at Nine Chronicles are cats? Why have you been called the mighty “Cat” warrior?

Soon, D:CC will be issuing NFTs (PFPs, to be more precise) that could be used as actual costumes in Nine Chronicles. This fantastic event will happen within the third quarter of 2022.

Owning D:CC issued PFP means that you are accepted as a member of the great society, with the eternal blessing from the CAT.

Our PFP is not just a simple profile picture, but an invitation to your alter identity within the Nine Chronicles multiverse, where you can immerse yourself into play, craft, and earning experience. Your PFP will be realized as they are in Nine Chronicles. With your unique appearance, PFP holders will fight against the brutal monsters of the realm of Nine Chronicles and compete with other gallant warriors in the arena for the honor.

Moreover, the PFP holders, as a member of D:CC, will enjoy numerous benefits, exclusive rewards, in-game items, and additional currencies only available to D:CC members. Also, the members will have a vote in future collaborations. More clandestine and mysterious events are on the way.

Whatever you expectations are, D:CC will overwhelm you.

[ To those who “still” ask, ‘So what should I do?’ 👀]

Still, there are people out there thinking, “So, what do we have to do?” (sighs)…

We have sent one of our Catcolytes to the Nine Chronicles universe. Click on him, and you will reach a gateway to D:CC. [LINK]

  • Anyone who wants to be in the circle with PFP,
  • Anyone who wants to show off their D:CC Membership with unique costumes,
  • Anyone who wants to prove their bravery,

Answer to the call and sumbit your pledge, you will be the first to be notice about the minting schedule. Early cat catches the mice. You know?

Moreover, among the early birds, some will be paw-picked by the holy paw of the CAT and listed on ‘Grrrraranteed Allowlist.”

[ May THE CAT bless you! 😼💫]

Keep yourself alert with any notifications on our Twitter and Discord. Many different ways to join the circle will be announced via mentioned channels. D:CC highly exalt the brave warriors at Nine Chronicles and is willing to provide them with the most opportunities.

May the CAT bless you.

Sincerely, from the oracle of the D:CC 🐾

P.S. Haste! Heretic… 👀 MEOW.



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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