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[Ann] Nine Chronicles Gold(NCG): Presale Participation Guide

The 1st presale of Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), a key asset of the game, will be held on July 15th, 1:00 PM GMT before the official launch of Nine Chronicles. In this article, we will guide you on how to participate in the presale event step-by-step.

📕 NCG Presale Participation Guide

Desktop, Metamask wallet, and Ethereum(ETH)

STEP 1. Preparing your Metamask wallet

Metamask is one of the most popular wallets for managing and transferring Ether(ETH) and other Ethereum based assets. Metamask will be our key tool for participating in the presale event.

1. Follow this link on the Chrome browser.

2. After pressing ‘Add to Chrome’, install the wallet by pressing ‘Add extension’.

Now with the wallet installed in our browser, let’s set it up for our first presale!

1–1. If you’ve ever used Metamask before, press ‘Import wallet’ on the left.

1–2. If it’s your first time with Metamask, press ‘Create a wallet’ on the right.

2. Set the password for the wallet and store the secret backup phrase.

Now the friendly fox is on the upper-right part of your Chrome browser

1. Click on the fox icon(Metamask) on the upper-right side of your Chrome browser.

2. Click on your account boxed in red as shown in the image. Then your Metamask wallet address will be copied to your clipboard.

STEP 2. Sending ETH to Your Metamask Wallet

Only ETH will be accepted for the NCG presale.

Basically, there are two ways for purchasing ETH.

Send the purchased ETH to your Metamask wallet address.

STEP 3. Purchasing NCG on the Presale Page

With your wallet and ETH prepared, now you are ready to participate in the first NCG presale!

👉 Presale Page:

The minimum purchase amount is $50, and you can purchase up to $10,000 worth of NCG. Slide the horizontal bar to adjust how much NCG and reward you’d like to purchase and click the ‘BUY’ button.

Write your full name and email address as shown in the popup window and click the pay button to initiate the purchase.

*A confirmation email will be sent for additional customer info, and another email will be sent before the mainnet launch to claim your NCG and items. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK IF YOU HAVE TYPED IN YOUR CORRECT EMAIL.

1. You can check the payment status in your Metamask popup once the pay button is clicked. Press ‘Confirm’ if every details are correct.

2. After confirming, you are given a transaction hash value which can be used to view your transaction status on any Ethereum blockchain explorer. A confirmation email will be sent to you within the hour.


  • For clear and immutable accounting, purchasing history for NCG will be recorded on a smart contract. NCG won’t be distributed in ERC-20 token but it will be distributed after the mainnet launch.
  • Before the mainnet launch, we need to know your game client address for actual NCG distribution. We will email the address submission form right before the launch.
  • Purchase of more than $300 will require shipping address and for purchase of more than $1,000 will need to fill out a KYC/AML form that will be sent out via email. The collector’s package can’t be shipped to you without the shipping address and KYC/AML form is required to comply with relevant regulations and may be subject to refund without completion.



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