📢 Announcing Nine Chronicles Arena Season 0 — 896K NCG prize pool & season exclusive NFTs 💎🧝‍♀️

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  • Nine Chronicles’ first ever “arena season” begins on September 8th, 2021 and ends October 6th, 2021
  • 896K NCG Pool split among arena participants
  • Stake NCG or compete in arena to earn 240 Season 0 exclusive NFTs, including 1 of 9 Mythical-grade Costume “Ruci”

We are thrilled to announce Nine Chronicles’ very first arena season — a unique set of challenges that will make your journey more engaging and rewarding.

Season 0's reward pool is also the largest ever: 896K NCG and 240 season exclusive NFTs!

The month-long season will start on September 8th, 2021 (from block 2,296,000) and will last for approximately 4 weeks until around October 6th, 2021 (ending at block 2,519,999).

Season 0: “Yggdrasil, the Alpha Season”

Our very first season will be named Yggdrasil — after the very first world of Nine Chronicles.

You will be able to challenge other players to prove your mettle, while also staking NCG for a chance to earn extremely rare NFTs. This first season is also an experiment for us to learn more about the format to provide unique challenges and rewards in the future.

There are four main rewards this season:


  • One monthly arena reward for all participants: 448,000 NCG total
  • Four weekly arena rewards for top 500 players: 448,000 NCG total

Exclusive NFTs for Season 0

  • 6 mythical-grade costume Ruci / 34 legendary-grade costume Rui for top arena and NCG stakers
  • 100 titles for top tier arena players

Season 0 Arena: How to Participate

Joining season 0 is very simple :)

  1. Get to level 17 to unlock the arena mode.
  2. Compete in the arena to get higher rating.
  3. Use the Nine Chronicles portal to check the full standings and redeem the prizes.
Our Play-to-Earn Portal will show the rankings of all players across the entire season.

Like always, players will have to use arena tickets to participate. Previously there were 5 tickets refreshed every ~2 hours (every 600 blocks), but starting with this season there will be 5 tickets every ~6 hours (every 2000 blocks). This more flexible schedule allows more players to fight the maximum 20 fights available daily.

(Due to the game architecture, every refresh is currently limited to 5 tickets, but we hope to increase the number of tickets per refresh and increase the duration next season.)

New Arena Reward: Season 0 Medals & NCG

Each battle will have a 30% chance of giving the player a Season 0 exclusive medal. At the end of the season, a pool of 448,000 NCG will be divided by the number of total medals earned by all the arena participants. Each player will get NCG based on their share of medals. This way even players that can not rank at the top will still get something for their fights and at the same time, really active players will get more NCG for their effort.

In the future, we will be building many more play-to-earn mechanisms, but this will be a fun and steady way to be rewarded for competing during season 0.

* There may also be opportunities to swap season exclusive medals for a prize later 😉
** During season 0, only one character from each account will be able to participate in earning bonus NCG reward.

Weekly Arena Reward: NCG for Top 500 Players

At the end of each arena week (every 56000 blocks), the players will split 112,000 NCG rewards based on their performance. So polish your best gear and get ready to compete for the top!

Four weekly arena rewards will be given out, so players will have a chance to compete for prizes multiple times during the season.

* During season 0, only one character from each account will be able to participate in earning bonus NCG reward.

Excited yet?

Rui & Ruci, Spearwielding Sisters

We’re introducing two new costume NFTs exclusive to this season.

Only 40 editions of Rui and 9 editions of Ruci will be created, so this will your first and last chance to claim them!

“I’m the only one who can protect you!”

Rui (Legendary Grade)

Even though she is still mastering the art of spear wielding with the help of her sister, Rui is often knocking down opponents in a single blow with the help of her talent of spotting their weaknesses.

She enjoys fighting monsters by herself and haggling with Jade on the prices of items. She might seem childish and stubborn at times, but when in danger she can become more serious than anyone else. Rui seems to think that she is the only one who can protect Ruci.

“Don’t ask about my past…”

Ruci (Mythical Grade)

With a serious gaze, Ruci wanders the world with dual spears. Her weapons seem to have a life of their own— in battle, they always return to her hands and sometimes even dispell mana when she is in danger.

Ruci answers to no God, but will always help those in need. People say that she was trained as a warrior in Asgard during the same time as Devon, but no one has ever heard it from her silent mouth. Despite her stoicism, Dverg says he has witnessed her smiling at her sister Rui from time to time.

You can earn Rui and Ruci by participating in the Arena or staking NCG.

End of Season NFT Rewards: Costumes and Titles

At the end of the entire season (224,000 blocks total), we will add up the arena scores for the four weekly arenas and rank the players from top to bottom. The scoring will be done from onboarding.nine-chronicles.com, and every player will be able to see where they stand.

The top ranking players will earn season 0 exclusive costumes.

  • Ruci (Mythical Grade): Rank 1–3
  • Rui (Legendary Grade): Rank 4–20

The top 100 players of the season will also receive three different titles, which are tradeable and unique for season 0.

  • Yggdrasil Champion: Rank 1–10
  • Yggdrasil Challenger: Rank 11–30
  • Yggdrasil Warrior: Rank 31–100

End of Season Staking Rewards

Last but not least, on every season we plan to introduce unique staking rewards for NCG holders.

NCG holders can already earn energy potions and hourglasses to be traded in the market, but we want to provide fun seasonal events as well. Just like the arena competitors, top NCG holders can participate in staking reward events to earn season exclusive NFTs.

Season 0 exclusive costumes “Rui”, “Ruci”
  • Tier 4 staking or above (63500 NCG): Chance to earn 1 of 17 Rui (Legendary Grade)
  • Tier 5 staking or above (333500 NCG): Chance to earn 1 of 3 Ruci (Mythical Grade). Tier 5+ stakers will be eligible for both entries, but will not win more than one costume.

How to Enter: NCG holders must use the Monster Collection feature to start staking the amount before block #2,408,000 (third week of the season). They must hold the stake until the end of the season (block #2,463,999). Block Explorer.

We are also working hard to transition Nine Chronicles network to proof-of-stake to reduce latency and remove reorgs. Once the transition occurs, holders will be able to stake their NCG with network validators to earn additional NCG as well as energy potions, hourglasses, and seasonal NFT content!

Final Remarks

We can’t be more excited to begin the first season of Nine Chronicles!

We want to sincerely thank our community members and community leads for putting this major initiative together. Most of the great ideas came from #arena-season-0 channel in our Discord.

We look forward to developing more #decentralized #gamefi #play-to-earn #open-source initiatives that you will be excited to be a part of! See you on September 8th 👋

If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and you can also visit our Discord to join our early access and learn more about the open source RPG network powered by the community.

Q1: Why 896K NCG prize pool?!

We’ve recently moved our network to whitelist-based PoW to prevent greedy mining until a better solution is implemented. Because of the smaller mining users, the community decided that 40% of the mining reward should go directly into the treasury for community events.

Season 0 lasts for 224,000 blocks, so 224,000 x 10 NCG x 40% = 896,000 NCG will be allocated to the treasury. The entire treasury will be split among the players during season 0. The Nine Chronicles network will use the treasury in other creative ways in the future so the future season earnings may change, but we are dedicated to providing fun and rewarding events for players and NCG holders for in the future.

Q2: Why is it so difficult to get an access code?

We had to limit the influx of new players because of the network burden from the growth this quarter (850%) along with WNCG listing events. The network is much more stable after the protocol updates in late August. We will be adding more access codes soon, especially in the beginning of the season.

Want to write about us? Here’s our media kit.



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