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Greetings, Catcolytes!

Are you ready to join the D:CC?

Welcome to our most distinguished societies created to worship the one and only Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat (CCGG). Owning D:CC issued PFP means that you are accepted as a member of the great society, with the eternal blessing from the CAT.

Still want to know more about this world? [LINK].

[ What are usages for D:CC NFTs? ]

Our PFP is not just a simple profile picture but an invitation to your alternate identity within the Nine Chronicles universe, where you can immerse yourself into play, craft, and earning experience.

Your PFP can act as your costume in Nine Chronicles. With your unique appearance, PFP holders will fight against the brutal monsters of the realm of Nine Chronicles and compete with other gallant warriors in the arena for the honor!

Each PFP will display a unique combination of features

Moreover, PFP holders will enjoy numerous benefits, exclusive rewards, in-game items, and additional currencies only available to D:CC members. Also, the D:CC members will have a vote in future collaborations. More clandestine and mysterious events are on the way!

🥁 Now, may I present you with a sneak peek of our PFP! (TA-DAA!!)

They are looking good! Aren’t they?!

One thing before we introduce you to into our world….

D:CC does not use the phrase “Whitelist” (just this one time!) Instead, we have our own special and unique word for it, the ❤️‍🔥Pionyan List❤️‍🔥

[ Pionyan Program ]

”Pionyan” is a combination of “Pioneer” and “Nyan”(🐈), and it stands for all the pioneering humans who are eager to spread the words of our Grrreatness by entering into our society.

You must be accepted into the Pionyan List to prove yourself worthy of the bliss of our Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. The Pionyan List is composed of a guaranteed “Allowlist” and “Waitlist.” Candidates must participate in the Program to be part of the Pionyan List.

There will be TWO rounds of the Pionyan Programs, and the number of spots allocated will be revealed consecutively.

999 (Nyaine hundred and Nyainty Nyaine) spots are ready for the Pionyan Program №1! Because we cats have nine lives.😉

[ How to get Minting Authority ]

Everyone who has fulfilled the requirements for each Pionyan program is eligible for Pionyan List. Among those who are eligible, a guaranteed “Allowlist” will be selected via raffle. We will be sharing the link to sign up for the List via Planetarium Discord for the Pionyan Programs, so keep an eye out!!

Everyone on the Allowlist will equally have minting authority for ONE PFP. This means that if you are on the Allowlist, there is no need for a cat fight. You will have the authority to mint on the minting date!

But don’t get too sad even If you didn’t make it on the Allowlist. 😿🚫

Those who did not make the Allowlist through the raffle are automatically placed on the Waitlist.

Are there any other ways to be on the Allowlist other than the Pionyan Program? Of course, everything is possible with the neverending love of our Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. Some of you may be “Paw-picked” by the Grrreatness!

You will be “Paw-picked” and added to the Allowlist IF:


  • If you have actively participated in various D:CC Discord Community AND Twitter activities (only a select number of spots will be randomly chosen)


  • If you have found secret notes from different Discord channels of D:CC or have been chosen through pop-up events and quizzes

May the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat’s blessings be with you!

[ Minting Order By Groups ]

For all those who have made into the Allowlist via either Pionyan Program and Paw-picked, you will have access to minting FIRST, on a mysterious day and time, selected by the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. Minting for the Waitlist will follow consecutively.

(🤔We won’t know the exact date until our Oracles receive the message from the Grrreatness.)

[ What will happen from now on… ]

Our Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat, with all-seeing eyes of justice and truth, is selecting a special and holy day for our minting. A Grrreat and Catastic date for all of you to join D:CC.

Further detailed schedules for Pionyan Programs 1 and 2 will be announced shortly. So follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Medium, and stay tuned!

Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat may bless you!

Nyan-men! 🙏

From the Oracles of D:CC 🔮



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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