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4 min readJul 2, 2020


Hello, it’s been a long while! 😃

Nine Chronicles has had seven closed beta tests since the last fall. From basic function testing to game design testing, each beta had its own purpose. We update build based on the feedbacks from the tests to provide the best gaming experience for as many users as possible in the full release.

Today, we will introduce share with you various stories from the beta networks.

70,000 Applications, 1,500+ Test Invitations

Nine Chronicles has received a lot of beta applications coming in from all over the world! The number of applicants is over 70,000, and we invite some of the applicants whenever build changes happened. In the past 7 tests, 1,500+ players enjoyed the Nine Chronicles and shared their feedback with us.

Efforts to receive invitations

Many people have requested access to the Nine Chronicle’s beta (I’m sorry I couldn’t invite everyone.) One player give his Axie to get a beta client for users already participating in beta.

On the other hand, some players inferred the download URL of the beta client from screenshots on the forum and downloaded the game. This is not the intended direction, but we do not prevent such enthusiastic player participation. 😃

Where is the limit? The appearance of 150+ level user!

The players involved in the beta test were truly amazing. The most powerful players have exceed level 150, and we were all surprised that level above 100 could be achieved by playing steadily for more than a month during beta.

Importantly, beta does not even provide 1/2 of the total play content! In fact, if you exceed level 100, there are not many more things to enjoy in the current beta , but many players are enjoying the game with affection. I can’t imagine how many times the final boss of the beta was defeated.

20+ Beta Miners

Nine Chronicle is an independent mainnet-based game, so we are offering Nine Chronicle Gold (NCG) as a reward for mining blocks of Nine Chronicles. Since last week, Nine Chronicles opened the block mining function in the beta so that anyone could mine the beta network. Gold allows you to build higher-level weapons, or purchase goods from the market, so you can play more effectively.

Despite the beta network is reset frequently and the lack of gold transfer features, more than 20 players from around the world were involved in mining. They are actually actively using gold for gameplay, making the market more active.

Anyone can see the whole data from the block explorer.

Block explorer link:

#1 Favorite Activity: Item Creation

As we progressed through multiple betas, we were constantly asking and collecting the core fun experiences of the game to the participants. The players’ most favorite activity within Nine Chronicles was item creation, and after they’ve experienced it, they often enjoyed playing for much longer periods.

In Nine Chronicles, clearing stages with a simple level-up strategy is actually quite difficult, so what equipment you build will determine your approach. To do this, you’ll explore the previous stages to find the right ingredients, craft them, and make a variety of decisions to sell or buy equipment you don’t need through the store.

The team is constantly improving the game to make it faster and more robust. Players were able to show their equipments to each other, such as boasting their own equipment or giving their own equipment to other players.

And many suggestions

Beta players are offering a variety of improvement ideas through Discord’s #suggestion channel. There are so many great ideas that we are passionately communicating with each other so we can’t implement all of them, but we are working hard to reflect as many feedback as possible before the official launch. As we continue to iterate, we feel that the best ideas will eventually come from players.

Through your enthusiastic beta participation, we could gather a lot of information to make the game experiences better. We will make Nine Chronicles into a game that many people can enjoy together by listening to your suggestions as much as possible.

We will share more information about the official main release of Nine Chronicle next week! Please look forward to it 🚀



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.