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3 min readJun 27, 2022


NCG is no longer the one and only shiny thing in the game. A new currency, “Crystal” will be introduced to the game. This will lead Nine Chronicles’ economy to another level. You all have obsolete weapons and armors in your inventory, right? Now is the time!

🗡️What about old weapons? Grind them?

That will be one of the main sources where you will be getting crystals. Until now there were not many usages for old weapons and armors. Let’s put them to good use. A higher-grade item will yield more crystals than lower-grade items. Or items with longer crafting time will yield more crystals. If you are grinding upgraded items (+3, +5, etc.) you will get extra crystals accordingly. Also, you will have a staking bonus (Monster Collection) for crystals.

*100% means original value, without and bonus

Also, when your crafting fails, a portion of your crafting will be compensated with crystals. The amount of crystal you get for failures will be 50% of the amount you would’ve received from grinding the same weapon. However, the Monster Collection bonus will not be applied for failure compensations.

So, now we have crystals where can we use them?

🗺️1. New World unlock

Every time you enter a new world, you will have to pay a one-time entrance fee to open the gates to the new world first. Even if you had the stage open already, it will be locked up again, and will have to pay some crystals to enter.

⚔️2. Recipe unlock

As you proceed with the stages, you will learn new crafting recipes. In order to craft weapons using those recipes, you will have to pay a one-time unlock fee. This also applies to the recipes that are already unlocked. You can unlock multiple recipes at once, however, you can’t pick and choose the recipes that you would like to unlock. Make sure you have enough extra weapons to grind! For newcomers, who don’t have weapons to grind with, you will be receiving 50 crystals for free to get you going.

🛠️3. Use Crystals for insufficient material

Let’s say you are lacking material or two when you are crafting.😒 It’s a bit annoying to go back to the stages and farm the material. Now, you can use crystals to fill the gap! The amount of crystals required will be determined according to the drop rate and rarity of the material.

💊4. One-time stage buff

Every time you fail to achieve 3 stars on a stage and can’t proceed, you will receive a star. Once you have collected enough stars required for the stage, you will be able to conjure up one great buff to help you beat the stage with crystals. Of course, it’s not for free, and the number of stars and crystals will vary according to the level of the stage.

There are buffs from Rank B to Rank SS rank. Buffs are random and you will have to choose one. You can draw 5 buffs or 10 buffs to choose from. When you draw 5 buffs, at least 1 buff will be Rank A or above, and with 10 buffs, at least 1 buff will be Rank S or above. Even after using the buff, you can’t still defeat the stage, you can collect the stars again and draw the buff once more.

These are only several things that are included in the next update. More features on the crystal will be coming soon. 💎



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Nine Chronicles

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