[D:CC Event] Early Cat Promotion🌅😺 (for D:CC NFT Staking)

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2 min readDec 15, 2022



  • D:CC Staking is here! Stake your NFTs now and prepare for the expansion of D:CC & Nine Chronicles Universe
  • With D:CC Staking, you can earn DCCM(D:CC Mileage Token), and WNCG. Also, you will be able to purchase various items from the Mileage Store (Coming soon) and receive numerous perks!
  • Visit https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com/ for Staking!
  • Don’t forget to STAKE!

All good things come with an event!

To celebrate and boost our new D:CC Staking, we have a special promotion!

Here comes the “Early Cat Promotion!”

Early bird catches the worm? Early cat catches the miles & WNCG! Hurry up and stake your D:CC right now! The sooner you start staking, the better your rewards will get!

[ Event №1] 200% WNCG & Mileage Early Cat Promotion

Period: ’22 Dec 15th ~ ’23 Jan 15th

  • As part of the promotion, for the first month (’22 Dec 15th ~ ’23 Jan 15th) WNCG reward will be doubled.
  • Once you have completed the “WNCG Activator” Collection, you will be able to receive WNCG as your staking reward.
  • A total of 600K WNCG will be distributed with “WNCG Activator” Collection on top of the basic staking rewards.

[ Event №2] NCG Airdrop for Lucky Cats

Period: ’22 Dec 15th ~ Dec 24th 11:29 PM KST (10 days)

  • Take a screenshot of your D:CC Staking and share them on Twitter!
  • Make sure to add all 3 hashtags (#NineChronicles / #DCC / #Staking) and tag 2 friend of yours!
  • 9 Random participants will be rewarded with 1,000 NCG.



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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