[D:CC NFT Sales] Minting Date 🗓️ & Number of NFTs🃏

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2 min readSep 9, 2022


Our beloved Catcolytes!

Finally, the announcement you’ve been waiting for! We would like to share the total number of D:CC PFP NFT and some important dates you might want to mark on your calendar. Yes, the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat has finally chosen a holy date! 🙀✨

[ Total Number of NFTs ]

D:CC will be issuing a total of 4,000 unique and original NFTs.
Here’s the breakdown.

  • Direct Sales: 2,800 NFTs
    - Pionyan Program №1 & №2:
    2,498 NFTs (999 +1,499)
    - Paw-picked: 302 NFTs
  • Binance Sales: 1,000 NFTs
  • For the Team: 200 NFTs

[ Important Dates ]

[ Saturday, Sept 17th ]

  • Raffle for Catcolytes registered to Pionyan Program №1 and №2 will be drafted.
  • Those who have registered via Pionyan Program №1 and №2 with 1,000 WNCGs by the raffle date (9/17 00:00 UTC) will go straight to the Allowlist.
  • Among those who have registered but do not have 1,000 WNCG we will conduct a raffle and those selected will be placed in the Allowlist, the others will be placed in the Waitlist.
  • IF the number of the people holding 1,000 WNCG exceeds the number of Allowlist Spots (2498), a special Raffle will be conducted only for them, and all those without 1,000 WNCG will be automatically placed on the Waitlisted.

[ Monday, Sept 19th ]

  • The final list of Allowlist & Waitlist will be announced.
  • The 2 days gap between the Raffle date and the Allowlist and Waitlist announcement date is for us to conduct a status check of WNCG holders.

[ Wednesday, Sept 21st ]

  • Exact timing for each group will be announced separately.
  • Please refer to the link for the minting process and price. 👉 [LINK]
  • After the 1st pre-sale, a portion of the remaining volume will be delivered to our partners; then the second pre-sale will be held for the remainders. (Partners’ pre-purchase reservations are part of the holder community protection system for anti-dumping and floor protection.)

If you have any further questions, please visit D:CC community via the link provided below and ask other community members and the team! Look out for Discord Roles: The FaithFurrrs and The Oracles. They will be more than glad to assist you.🧚‍♂️

May the blessings of Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat be upon you! 🐈💜



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