[D:CC Update] 📯🐈‍D:CC Staking System Launch!

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4 min readDec 15, 2022



  • D:CC Staking is here! Stake your NFTs now and prepare for the expansion of D:CC & Nine Chronicles Universe
  • With D:CC Staking, you can earn DCCM(D:CC Mileage Token), and WNCG.
  • With DCCM, you will be able to purchase various items from the Mileage Store (Coming soon) and receive numerous perks!
  • Visit https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com/ for Staking!
  • Don’t forget about the event! [LINK]

Greetings!, holders of DCC NFT holders,

Are you ready for endless perks and rewards?

Our D:CC NFT is too precious and valuable to store in your Metamask wallet. D:CC is excited to present you with a feature that will unlock bountiful perks and rewards!

We’re launching “D:CC Staking”🎉

In addition to Staking, this update will include the debut of a holder-exclusive token/currency, a.k.a; the “Mileage (DCCM).” The longer, and the more NFTs you stake, the greater rewards will be. Consequently, the more miles you earn, the greater the benefits get!

D:CC Staking will be one of the most important features in the D:CC Universe. New mileage with this update (code name: DCCM). This is just one of the new features that D:CC has prepared for you. we will continue to introduce new content and updates that will not only expand the value of D:CC NFT but also, on a greater scale, the value of WNCG, NCG, and Nine Chronicles Universe throughout the Web3 Market.

[ What is D:CC Staking? ]

  • D:CC Staking is an NFT staking system exclusive to holders of the official NFTs issued by Nine Chronicles.
  • You will be placing/depositing your NFTs into the D:CC Staking system and get a reward according to the amount of NFTs you staked and the staking period.

Visit [HERE] for Staking! : https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com/

[ When does D:CC Staking start? ]

  • Staking opens: Thursday, December 15th, 06:00 AM UTC
  • Rewarding Mechanism starts: Friday, December 16th, 06:00 AM UTC (24 hours after staking opens)

[ What are the rewards for Staking? ]

  • A mileage, DCCM, will be rewarded as a token when staked.
  • Also, during the first year (’22 Dec ~ ’23 Dec) of D:CC Staking system, about 600K WNCG will be rewarded to the holders who have completed a specific D:CC Collection.
  • WNCG reward will be proportionally distributed according to the number of D:CC Staked.
  • WNCG is an ERC-20-based token, pegged 1:1 ratio with NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold), a native in-game token of Nine Chronicles. WNCG is traded on various exchanges, including OKX, KUCOIN, BITFINEX, Balancer, Sushiswap, and more.
  • D:CC Staking reward will be distributed every second and evenly distributed according to the staked proportion.

[ What is DCCM a.k.a Mileage? ]

  • DCCM is a symbol for D:CC Mileage.
  • D:CC Mileage is one of the rewards that you will receive as you stake your D:CC NFTs.
  • With DCCM, you will be able to purchase various items from the Mileage Store.

[ What is D:CC Mileage Store? ]

  • You can purchase new items that can be used in Nine Chronicles’ D:CC Mileage Store. This means that there will be items only supplied via the mileage store.
  • A variety of items to expand the D:CC NFT system will be added to the Mileage Store.
  • All items will be sold in the form of NFT, enabling secondary trading on OpenSea.

[ What is D:CC Staking Collection? ]

  • Within the D:CC Staking system, there are 2 types of staking; General staking and Collection staking.
  • Collection staking means you must stake specific D:CC NFTs meeting certain requirements.
  • You will receive a designated reward once you have completed the collection.
  • Even if you have not completed any of the collections, you can still receive the general staking reward according to the number of NFTs you staked.
  • Not all Collections are permanent. Different types of Collections may be added and/or disappear with prior announcements.

[ D:CC Collection for WNCG reward? ]

  • To receive WNCG as a reward, you MUST complete the “WNCG Activator”
  • This collection is the easiest collection to complete among other collections.
  • As soon as your WNCG collection is complete, you will start to receive WNCG reward according to your total number of staked D:CC NFT.

[ Plans for DCCM issuance? ]

  • DCCM will be only issued via D:CC Staking. This means there will be no prior minting of DCCM for other purposes.
  • The issuance cap will be set at 100M (100,000,000) DCCM per year. 100M DCCM is an issued amount in cases where 100% (total circulated amount) of D:CC has been staked. If only 50% of D:CC NFT has been staked, only 50% (50M) DCCM will be issued.
  • DCCM is expected to be issued for the next 10 years, and there will be no more issuance after.
  • Minted DCCM will be exchanged with other items from the Mileage Store, and the collected DCCM will circulate via other features of D:CC NFT that will be updated later on.