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Dear Everyone,

As many of you have seen and heard from our Twitter, today, we would like to make an announcement on Nine Chronicles Ecosystem 2.0 Update. In fact, our plan has already begun with the buyback announcement from the last week. (In case you missed: Link) This will be a complete overhaul of the current NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold, a native in-game token of Nine Chronicles) tokenomics and gaming system.
It’s about time to reach the moon! πŸŒ•

The update includes future blueprints for reimagined multi-platform versions of Nine Chronicles, next-generation NCG burns and expenditure mechanisms, its multichain expansion, and ecosystem funds for further developments. We expect this update will eventually invigorate ecosystem growth and bolster the Nine Chronicles IP (or universe) expansion throughout the Web3 Market.

[πŸŒ…Broadening Horizons: Multiplatform & Mobile]

In 2023, Nine Chronicles will expand its horizons. Currently, players are only able to play Nine Chronicles on Windows-based devices. However, we are tackling the limitations. We will provide different versions of Nine Chronicles, enabling players to enjoy the game despite the device's operating system. Nine Chronicles will be compatible with other operating systems, including Mac and Linux.

And as we have mentioned a million times, Nine Chronicles will be coming into our hands (Literally! πŸ‘€). A Mobile version of Nine Chronicles will be launching! Android and iOS-catered mobile versions of Nine Chronicles are on the way, promising an unparalleled immersive gaming experience with greater accessibility. You will be able to enjoy Nine Chronicles within your palms. You will also get push notifications for crafts, action point refills, and, most importantly, the remaining time on the Arena. With the expansion, we expect the user to increase tenfold across the platforms.

Along with the mobile version, an IAP (In-app Purchase) system will be introduced to enable players to directly craft, sell, and buy items and facilitate the circulation between the NCG and fiat currencies. Moreover, we will introduce an unprecedented and transparent Web3 gacha system, defying the common perception of traditional gacha systems being rigged. Get ready to take your chances!πŸƒ

[ πŸ”₯New NCG Burns and Expenditure mechanisms ]

Our team would also like to highlight the next-generation mechanism for increased burns and expenditures of its native token, NCG. As a part of the planned rollout, several new features have recently been added to Nine Chronicles. Many of you are already familiar with the new features.

πŸ’Ž The Rune System is a new game feature that aids players in battle. Players will upgrade their runes to strengthen their characters in the game with NCG and other materials found in-game.

πŸˆβ€ Project D:CC (De:Centralized Cat), the PFP NFT collection issued by Nine Chronicles, launched a staking system that compensates the holders of the NFTs with WNCG (Wrapped Nine Chronicles Gold) and DCCM (DCC Mileage).

Both newly introduced systems generated a massive positive reaction from the public, each resulting in a skyrocketing rate of 871.7% increase in daily NCG usage and 1,148 NFTs staked from a total of 3,000 issued NFTs within five days.

In regards to the revenue generated from the above-mentioned features, Nine Chronicles will burn 50% of the revenue generated from the newly introduced game features and IAP to maintain the stability of the NCG ecosystem. As part of the greater plan, the team announced a buyback initiative to stabilize and support the value of NCG. The initiative is currently being executed at about a 45% completion rate.

[ ⛓️ Multichain blockchain expansion ]

One of the most important traits of a well-made token or any kind of currency would be its versatility. To further extend the versatility of the token, Nine Chronicles will engage in multichain support. Multichain support will allow new Web3 gamers or investors to easily onboard the Nine Chronicles universe.

Starting with the BNB Chain, the expansion will allow WNCG to be easily traded with various tokens on the BNB chain network and enable staking WNCG on DEX pools to receive staking rewards. Nine Chronicles is also planning to add support for staking on various chains compatible with EVM, such as Polygon and Arbitrum in the near future.

Furthermore, Nine Chronicles will move from a PoW (Proof-of-Work) system to a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) system. Through the transition to the PoS system, the Nine Chronicles blockchain is expected to achieve greater scalability and improve its sustainability and technical efficiency. As a result, Tokens previously rewarded under PoW will decrease significantly. More detailed information on the transition has been provided via the NCIP (Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals) [LINK].

[ 🌞 Solarium Labs, a new ecosystem fund ]

As the publisher of Nine Chronicles, Planetarium will also participate in the shared vision. Planetarium is launching Solarium Labs, an investment and partnership arm to discover and nurture early pioneers of Web3 and gaming.

Solarium Labs will operate an ecosystem fund that provides grants and investments to projects benefiting the Nine Chronicles community and encouraging the use and/or burns of $NCG. The fund also aims to diversify the use cases of the Nine Chronicles IP and LibPlanet. You might recognize some works of Solarium Labs, such as Woods of Yggdrasil, an arcade game built on top of The Sandbox platform; Pandora Box, a Halloween-themed add-on and mini-game built by community developers; and Jade’s Adventure, a turn-based strategy game.

Leveraging experience in building Web3 infrastructure and contents, Solarium Labs plans to facilitate mass adoption of Web3 gaming as a whole and, in the process, expand the network of Nine Chronicles and LibPlanet.

As we move forward into 2023 and beyond,
our commitment to growing the NCG ecosystem, broadening the use cases for NCG, and discovering new audiences remains strong. Our team is constantly striving for the advancement of Nine Chronicles. Through various attempts and constant challenges, we are committed to the sustainable growth of the Nine Chronicle ecosystem and to becoming a model for the Web3 market.



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