Development Update Blog — April 2021

Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles
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3 min readMay 4, 2021


This month saw a number of small quality-of-life fixes, although one major update this month was the roll out of the new Marketplace UI. We also worked on a number of long-term features that are not yet ready for deployment. To hear more about our roadmap for the second quarter of this year take a look at our livestream from last week!

Third Livestream

On 23rd April we held our third community livestream. The video was recorded and saved onto YouTube. So make sure to check it out.

Here is what we covered:

  • History of NFTs & NFTs of Nine Chronicles
  • Community Projects & NCIPs
  • Incredible projects and game improvement suggestions by the community!
  • Roadmap for 2021 Q2
  • Staking, recipe overhaul, world five, multiple ranking boards, and other great updates announced on the stream!
  • AMA
  • Prizes giveaway: 2500 NCG drop and a legendary costume!


Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals

Back in March we announced the release of the NCIPs, which are for larger updates, such as adding a guild system or in-game lobby. Small improvements are still welcome to be made here on Discord. However, any idea, big or small, it is always good to discuss them in the #💡suggestion-talk channel!

Here is a list of the current NCIPs being proposed by our community:

The latest NCIPs can be found within the dedicated NCIP repo on GitHub, or read more about NCIPs on the wiki page.

Developer Updates

Developer updates are posted by the devs on to Notion where you can read more about upcoming features, bug fixes, and other known issues. The updates are now summarized on the wiki, so we will only cover the main details of each release here and invite you to read on Notion or the wiki for further information.

Nine Chronicles v100039

Featured only a few small bug fixes, so no patch notes.

Nine Chronicles v100040

The Marketplace UI was revamped. Now you can place multiple items in your shopping cart and purchase them together.

New Marketplace UI:

Check out the new shopping basket feature (shown in the bottom right):

Nine Chronicles v100041

We added an infinite “Repeat” button that can be selected on the pre-battle page and the in-battle page. The player will now battle through stages until their action power has been depleted.

Nine Chronicles v100042

This version was released as a hotfix for a few small bugs.