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5 min readJul 7, 2021


After a major game update last month with the release of Chapter 2, we focused on smoothing out a few issues that arose. The marketplace was temporarily offline during June, but is now back up!

One particularly difficult issue has been that of 0-transaction blocks, which is when miners create blocks containing no transactions and stops the game from functioning. We know this is a frustrating problem for players and we are working as fast as we can to resolve the issue. More details were given in a weekly dev update.

On the positive side, we have been working on improvements to the game’s UI and working on a new item upgrade system.🛠

Play2Earn Portal 💰

Experience a new way of earning and trading NCGs (Nine Chronicles Gold — the cryptocurrency of the game) by inviting your friends to join the Nine Chronicles community. Invite friends and earn NCGs together! 🤝

Check out our latest blog: Play2Earn Portal Announcement.

Nine Chronicles Growth 🚀

We are pleased to announce that the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) continues to grow. Currently we have over 4.1K MAU and it’s just the beginning!

After the release of the Play2Earn Portal we witnessed a steady growth of user inflow, retention, number of rewards and claimed amount of $NCGs.

Here are the Play2Earn portal data at a glance:

Over 720 Daily Active Users ( DAU )
User retention
# of registered portal users
# of Rewards
Claimed amount of $NCG combined

Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals ✍️

Back in March we announced the release of the NCIPs, which are for larger updates, such as adding a guild system or in-game lobby. Small improvements are still welcome to be made here on Discord. However, any idea, big or small, it is always good to discuss them in the #💡suggestion-talk channel!

Here is a list of the current NCIPs being proposed by our community:

The latest NCIPs can be found within the dedicated NCIP repo on GitHub, or read more about NCIPs on the wiki page.

Developer Updates 🛠

Developer updates are posted by the devs on to Notion where you can read more about upcoming features, bug fixes, and other known issues. The updates are now summarized on the wiki, so we will only cover the main details of each release here and invite you to read on Notion or the wiki for further information.

Nine Chronicles v100046

Temporarily had to stop the trading of AP potions and Hourglasses while we investigated an issue.

Nine Chronicles v100047

Temporarily closed the marketplace while we worked on an issue with trading.

Nine Chronicles v100048

Fixed some synchronization issues.

Nine Chronicles v100049

Added Rankings: World & Mimisbrunnr Ranking. Plus made a number of bug fixes (see the patch notes for more details).

Nine Chronicles v100050

Fixed an issue where some items could not be cancelled on the marketplace.

Going forward all blocks must have at least one transaction. This is part of a solution to a larger problem that we are working on.

Nine Chronicles v100051

We worked on improving the block synchronization performance.

Nine Chronicles v100052

In this release we improved the main menu visibility and the game UI. We also introduced the Play2Earn portal.

Nine Chronicles v100053

Alleviates the timeout error (code 26).

Nine Chronicles v100054

This patch makes some improvements to network latency.

Stay tuned for huge updates arriving in the coming months! As always, we’re doing our best to grow our special community while making this journey more fun for everyone involved. Cheers 👋

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Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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