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6 min readJun 7, 2021


A lot of our time this month was spent on a major update: Nine Chronicles: Chapter 2 - The Fire of Muspelheim. This sees the release of a new world and a number of new features, including Monster Collection.

We also squashed a number of bugs and made a few quality-of-life improvements to the marketplace. Last month we overhauled the Marketplace UI, so a few fixes were required this month as the community found some issues.

Next month we plan to host another livestream where we will announce further exciting updates!

Nine Chronicles: Chapter 2

Last month we just released the first of a series of new chapters for Nine Chronicles.

🗺 World 5: Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire

😈 Monster Collection

📈 Ranking 2.0

Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire 🔥

On May 25th, we launched the second chapter of Nine Chronicles with the release of the fifth world. Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire, introduces seven new Lizard monsters and a glorious new battlefield. Be cautious though, these lizard monsters have hard skin and are resistant to fire!

See the Muspelheim release blog for more information: Release Blog.

Monster Collection 😈

Monster Collection is a new feature that allows players to earn core resources by depositing Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). To participate, you will need to open the Monster Collection screen and then deposit NCG. The more monsters you collect, the higher your rewards will be. If you decide to stop collecting, you will get all your deposited NCGs back.

The rewards collected are Hourglasses and Action Point (AP) potions. These help accelerate player growth and are tradable in the marketplace.

See the Monster Collector release blog for more information: Release Blog.

Ranking 2.0 📈

We also updated the Ranking screen. As before, you can check the level, stats, and gear of the top players.

Now, the rankings are now viewable as soon as the initial tutorial of the game is complete. Going forward, we plan to provide various rankings such as ratings by equipment.

Three new sets of rankings to be introduced, by combat power, stage level, equipment power.

See the Ranking 2.0 release blog for more information: Release Blog.

Nine Chronicles Growth 🚀

Following the recent updates we are happy to share some data based on the past 7 days including the number of sessions from the different cities around the world, median session of the game play, and amount of traded volume of NCGs.

With these recent announcements we were able to hit the following growth metrics:

Increase of the number of players’ sessions from each unique city. 11.3K sessions from Hanoi, Vietnam right after the update!
An increase in median game-time per playing session.
Market traded volume (NCG) before and after the updated release

And with the increased participation, we finally cleared 2 million stages in total! Thanks for the support — we will do our best to keep the community growth moving forward. There remain many challenges and obstacles on our path yet to discover and solve!

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, we are sure it will be a lot of fun!

Interviews and articles 📰

Our CEO Kijun recently did an interview with HardForking. He gives a very brief history of where the company came from and talks about the importance of decentralization.

Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals ✍️

Back in March we announced the release of the NCIPs, which are for larger updates, such as adding a guild system or in-game lobby. Small improvements are still welcome to be made here on Discord. However, any idea, big or small, it is always good to discuss them in the #💡suggestion-talk channel!

Here is a list of the current NCIPs being proposed by our community:

The latest NCIPs can be found within the dedicated NCIP repo on GitHub, or read more about NCIPs on the wiki page.

Developer Updates 🛠

Developer updates are posted by the devs on to Notion where you can read more about upcoming features, bug fixes, and other known issues. The updates are now summarized on the wiki, so we will only cover the main details of each release here and invite you to read on Notion or the wiki for further information.

There were less updates this month as a lot of work was being done on a single large update: Nine Chronicles Chapter 2 : The Fire of Muspelheim.

Nine Chronicles v100043

This patch saw a number of bug fixes.

One new feature is the time-out for items listed to the marketplace. Items that have not been sold within 72 hours (roughly) automatically come back into the inventory.

Nine Chronicles v100044

We added an “Unequip” button. It’s on the character page when you click on the equipment. In addition, a number of marketplace bugs were also fixed.

Nine Chronicles v100045

Muspelheim, Monster Collector, and ranking 2.0 released in this update!

One important quality of life feature was just added: you can now check your NCG balance in the launcher.

Stay tuned for huge updates arriving in the coming months! As always, we’re doing our best to grow our special community while making this journey more fun for everyone involved.

Cheers 👋

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