[Event] 👑King of the Rune: Combine and Upgrade!

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2 min readDec 14, 2022


Dear Adventurers,

As we have announced previously, the Rune feature will be added to the Main net with the v100340 update.

With the v100340 update, 5 new runes are coming to Nine Chronicles to aid our adventurers in enhancing their powers and abilities in the battle. You can craft, combine and upgrade runes for better options and stats. If you are still unfamiliar with the runes, please visit the previous article to learn more about them runes! [Link]

To celebrate our latest feature, our team has prepared an event for everyone to participate.

May I present you “👑King of the Rune”

In this event, you will compete with other players by combining and upgrading your runes as much as possible. The top 10 players with higher rune levels will be rewarded with NCG.

[ How to Participate? ]

  • Combine your runes and upgrade them (it’s as simple as that)
  • We will be combining your rune levels each day and post Top 20 players on Discord (Except for the weekends 😜)

[ Dates ]

  • Start: as soon as v100340 is online
  • End: Tuesday, Dec 20th 03:59 PM UTC

[ Things to keep in mind ]

  • Only one character with the highest level from your account will be able to participate.
  • If multiple players end up having the same rune level, a player who has reached the level first will be placed higher. (first come, first serve)
  • If you are banned from the portal, you will be automatically disqualified from the event.

[ Rewards ]

1st Place: 3,000 NCG
2nd Place: 1,000 NCG
3rd Place: 500 NCG
4th-10th Place: 100 NCG



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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