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If you are not familiar with the term “PBFT Playertest,” please refer to the previous article. [Link: https://bit.ly/9C_Invitation_to_PBFT ]


  • Nine Chronicles is launching a second PBFT Playertest (starting now ~ 27th of Feb)
  • You will be playing with game data from block 5,962,691 (Jan 30th-ish)
  • There are rewards for participation, 200 NCG to 50 Players (See below for details)

Dear Everyone,

First, we would like to thank you for participating in the first PBFT playertest on Testnet. We have gone through every comment and feedback and tried our best to make adjustments. Many of our players have mentioned that the testnet lacks content and, therefore, is somewhat boring. As we are in the first several test trials, we want to ensure everything runs fine before adding other features to the test. Soon, there will be another Playertest with additional features included.

The process of transitioning to PoS is quite complex. Numerous trials and support from our players are crucial in providing an optimum service. Therefore, we would like to invite you all to the second PBFT Playertest on Testnet.

[ How to Participate? ]

Any gameplay on the testnet will not affect or be reflected on the game progress on the mainnet.


A separate Link (below) will be provided to download the testnet client. This testnet client is different from the testnet for the Rune testnet. This time previous gameplay data (snapshot of block 5,623,822) will be provided for better testing. However, as usual, everything that happens on the testnet will remain on the testnet.

Test Client Download:

Test Period:

  • Feb 13th (Now) ~ Feb 27th 2023 (about 2 weeks long)

Test Version

  • You can still use the same Nine Chronicles account to login- Player data based on a snapshot from block 5,962,691 (v100360) will be provided


This test is to verify how natural play is affected on the PBFT network. And we are asking for help from the players. Therefore, we do have some rewards for players who have participated ardently. After the testing period is over, our team will be manually analyze the player date along with the submitted survey.

A total of 50 players will be selected according to their play history and sruvey response, and will be rewarded with 200 NCG.

  • Complete the survey (provided towards the end of the test period) and get the chance to receive 200 NCG
  • Your play history will be reviewed along with the survey you’ve submitted
  • There are no specific restrictions on gameplay but generate at least 10 transactions per day. (No, you don’t have to play “every-single- day”, but be reasonable. 😉)
  • Only one character from a account will be eligible for receiving reward

However, if you play in a way that does not align with this purpose (e.g., generating many transactions mechanically in a short period of time), you may be eliminated from receiving rewards.



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