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Development Update Blog — May 2021

The second chapter begins with the opening of the 5th world known as Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire. Being the source of heat in all Nine Realms, Muspelheim introduces a completely new concept of Lizard monsters and a new glorious battlefield. Time to gear up and get ready to fight battles against powerful monsters with even more powerful weapons! The heaviest fights are yet to come!

The second chapter includes the following updates:

🗺 World 5: Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire

😈 Monster Collection

📈 Ranking 2.0

We want you to have the best experience from our upcoming features, thus we have decided to release detailed overviews of each feature leading up to the official update set to be released on May 25th 2021!

Today we are ready to announce the second part of The Fire of Muspelheim — Monster Collection.

Muspelheim: Monster Collection 😈

Monster Collection is a NEW feature that allows players to earn tradable core resources by depositing NCGs.


  • Collect cute monsters and earn special rewards 🎁
  • Create Hourglasses and Action Points (AP) potions, the core fungible items that help to accelerate your growth 📈
  • Rewards collected can be traded in the Marketplace 💹

Each monster you collect will bring you additional rewards! Are you ready?

AP potion: recharges your action power ⚡️
Hourglass: accelerates crafting time 🔨

Each cute monster you collect unlocks the access to the next one and brings you additional rewards that can be traded or used to progress within the game!

To collect a monster you need to deposit Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). NCG is not spent, but it is only locked in place while the monster produces your reward. If you decide to disable the collection feature, you will get all your deposited NCG back.

You can think of this system as a bank where you deposit your coins, and instead of earning a percentage of money as interest, you gain these core items that can be only earned through this feature. We aim to adjust and improve the rewards based on the game balance and your feedback — please try it out and let us know!

How to earn the core items of Nine Chronicles?

There are currently two different options to gain the core items of Nine Chronicles (Hourglass and AP Potion).

  • Purchase them from other players through the Market 💹
  • Generate them by collecting monsters 😈

This feature is especially important because after Muspelheim, the top-tier gears will generally become more difficult to craft, and it will be helpful to have a stock of Hourglasses and AP Potions to guide your journey along on a directed path. We are also planning to introduce a major update to our PvP arena and item requirements, which should help to differentiate the different builds.

Getting excited for chapter two yet? We have one more update to share📢

Experience the true wrath of Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire by battling the fiercest of lizard monsters and collecting powerful weapons & items! We will release the strongest monsters and interesting features in incremental updates to make sure you are fully prepared for the final battle!



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