Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire Part 3: Ranking 2.0

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3 min readMay 24, 2021


Development Update Blog — May 2021

As we mentioned, the second chapter begins with the opening of the 5th world known as Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire.

We want you to have the best experience from our upcoming features, thus we have decided to release detailed overviews of each feature leading up to the official update to be released on May 25th 2021. Stick around for the latest news and updates!

Today we are ready to announce the last part of the new coming updates from the The Fire of Muspelheim — Ranking 2.0

Muspelheim: Ranking 2.0 📈


  • Ability to check TOP players’ level, stats, & gear 🥇
  • The feature now unlocks after the new character tutorial has been completed 🚀 — No need to wait anymore until you get to the 25th level to check the rankings of other players
  • Displays additional attributes of various ranking features based on equipment and other items 🛠
We added a new ranking icon to the main menu for easy access ☝️
Three new sets of rankings to be introduced, by combat power, stage level, equipment power.

Right now, we are providing rankings based on combat power, but we are developing a new analytics service for additional ranking options based on world progress and equipment power. Now you can have many different ways to challenge your characters against other adventures of Nine Chronicles.

Join our early access for more updates and full releases of Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire! 🔥


The 5th world in the second chapter of Nine Chronicles introduces three major updates within the game.

🗺 Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire — A new terrifying world decimated by fiery lava pits and overrun by a race of hard-skinned lizard monsters led by their king, Surt! The harsh conditions of this world have caused the natives to evolve and develop unique abilities, turning them into mighty foes! Get ready to battle against the residents of Muspelheim.

😈 Monster Collection — This update will make it possible to collect various cute monsters to earn the core fungible items of Nine Chronicles such as Hourglasses and Action Point potions, that could help you to accelerate your character’s growth within the game.

📈 Ranking 2.0 — A feature to check players’ status and gear level, to introduce multiple ways to compete your growth against each other.

Getting excited for chapter two yet? Save the date, official update release is coming tomorrow, May 25th 2021.

Experience the true wrath of Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire by battling the fiercest of lizard monsters and collecting powerful weapons & items! We will release the strongest monsters in incremental updates to make sure you are fully prepared for the final battle!



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